I Am Troubled

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    I'm afraid I'm going to have to decrease my EP

    time even more. I feel strange about EP. Bookerdana, Freestanding, kathieredart, USA1, Jml? Coffeeflavoredkisses, Some of you who have greeted me everyday There are so many of you that I would like to write individually. I know I'm going to miss all of you, I'm not saying it...
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    There is something that is eating me up inside and this is really the only place that I can write it down. I can't get past what my ex is doing or the fact that our marriage is destroyed by it. I forgave him his infidelity. but not the fact that he wanted me gone, out of the way...
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    While i am doing foreplay,

    trying to turn my partner onand get her ready .. she keeps yawning throughout.. what shd i do?
    vaibhav108 vaibhav108
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    Since her confession.

    I have this sinking feeling coming back to me. Like I am worthless and so. I have not been eating a proper meal since it all began, my sleep pattern changes, I isolate myself a lot from people. Sometimes I have no recollection of the things I've done. Always in a daze. Been...
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    Not as in I cause trouble,

    but I do have issues dealing with my identity and mental illnesses. I have issues with my religion, my mental health, everything.... So, until I find a true path, I'm going to say I am Agnostic
    AnonWesker AnonWesker
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    I am very troubled with what I'm going to do

    with my life, I have no clue what I want to do now that I've left school and this makes me really anxious and scared of what will the future hold for me.
    Verix Verix
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    Sep 2, 2014
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