I Am Truly Blessed

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    shannonsjourney shannonsjourney
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 18, 2015

    ootd dedicated to Mother's Day.

    happy mothers to all you mamas out there. we are all truly blessed and thankful for all that y'all do.
    southerngurlnpearls southerngurlnpearls
    22-25, F
    May 10, 2015


    The storm that has been advertised correctly all week, has just about passed. My yard has downed branches, the basement has water, but all is well. Stinky's college evacuated, he is home and happy to be here. My friends and family all safe from harm. Yes, God is good.
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    1 Response Aug 28, 2011

    I'm Alive and Blessed

    When I look over my life experiences I am often amazed at the blessings that I've received.  When I was 17 months old my birth mother was murdered.  I was there in the apartment with her for 3 day after it happened.  These days, everyone in the household is...
    ichooselife ichooselife
    36-40, F
    9 Responses May 30, 2009

    God found me the most perfect woman ever!

    She melts my heart, she's beautiful funny smart and very sexy with a beautiful opened mind. Thank you God, you answered my prayers!
    1John1990 1John1990
    26-30, M
    Nov 26, 2014

    Oh Yes I Am!

    Sometimes it is hard to stay positive. There is so much going on in the world and in my own personal life. BUT I AM BLESSED. I think there are many people who would gladly take the petty little problems I have, over the mountains of serious problems they are...
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    Nov 2, 2009

    Too Blessed To Be Stressed

    I just graduated from college. I am trying to get in my field, but will not be able to until I take my boards. So in the mean time I am studying for my boards. I am unemployed at this time, and my husband just got laid off, but we are blessed, because we still have our home and...
    MeMewilson MeMewilson
    31-35, F
    1 Response Oct 19, 2009

    So Lucky

    I am so lucky to have you in my life, words cannot begin to express my love for you! And though you probably would like to be in my life even more, I cherish your love more deeply than I ever have cared for anyone. Someday we will be together, forever, but I'll still be crazy...
    madmaximus madmaximus
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Aug 28, 2011

    Today I had the worst experience I was driving

    with my sister and her friend and suddenly the car starts going fast and my sister thought it was me. But it wasn't the brakes didn't work and there were a lot of cars I managed to doge the cars and the car was exhilarating alone at like 100 I couldn't stop the car but idk how I...
    sioma17 sioma17
    22-25, F
    Aug 1, 2015

    Good enough

    I am elated even though depressed coz I feel that God wants me to be happy even if trials beset into my life.  There are consolations along the way while I travel along a dark and steep horizon. There's light to guide me and there are things that I hold in my hands to ...
    1PrincessKai 1PrincessKai
    46-50, F
    Jun 7, 2010

    Hearing My 1st Child's Heartbeat

    This morning I went to met my fiance at the health clinic to have a regular checkup on our 1st baby. I knew they would check her and everything and listen to the baby and its heartbeat and stuff like that. But anyways, when I heart that heartbeat come out of that machine...
    swtclt123 swtclt123
    18-21, M
    Jul 7, 2009

    Yes, we live in a broken world

    and life is filled with pain, challenges, dark times and trials, but today can still be a day in which we can choose to give God praise because praise has very little to do with a holiday or even our circumstances and everything to do with our inner attitude toward God. It...
    lovemealways01 lovemealways01
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Mar 7, 2015

    Spending the rest of my day with this beautiful

    girl:) she is sooo pretty and also engaged so congrats to her and her fiancé:) love both of them very much:)
    AbbieBaby AbbieBaby
    26-30, F
    May 7, 2015
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