I Am Two Spirit

Two-Spirit people are Native Americans who fulfill one of many mixed gender roles found traditionally among many Native Americans and Canadian First Nations indigenous groups. 33 People

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    Every person on the planet has two separate

    souls .united at birth and separated at death. but they eventually meet to make your next life.
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    An Old Two-spirit Soul In a Modern World

    There is a wonderful custom that I have read about... When a chilld reached puberty in some tribes, there was a ceremony in which the child was placed in a circle and the circle was set aflame. Outside of the circle, were various tools. In this particular instance, the child...
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    Two Spirit

    I have a teacher who shares what he has learned and is trying to pass it on to me.  One of the things that he is teaching me is that I as a two spirit have gifts.  I was regarded with high honor back when my people were allowed to live as we did for generations upon...
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    I am Gemini and a book I have say I am double

    personality, I think it may be true but I also think I'm able to like an attitude and just add things I like, I bought a scarf I'm never going to wear just because it looks nice, all smoke wafy tornado thing.
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    Two Spirit

    I am of mixed blood and two spirit. To me this didn't make sense as a young adult. I just thought I was always different than others. I didn't fit into the family on either side due to the mixed blood and being two spirit really seemed to set me apart from the whole. I knew my...
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    Sometimes I find myself saying that,

    I like that person cos we are always in the same frequency, we understand each other very good and then at times I say the very opposite and say about some other people that I don't like him cos he/she is so predictable. Does it makes me a hypocrite?
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    Jan 14, 2014
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