I Am Wondering If This Is Right

should I be so angry..even now 4 People

    Is He Hiding Something

      We have been going through this marriage go round for a hot minute. I love him and want to be with him/I just feel like there is something he is hiding from me. I always feel like him and his son are talking crap and cracking jokes about me. They make sarcastic comments...
    tmmarion tmmarion
    41-45, F
    Dec 19, 2009

    Gay Times

    I am a gay fella and I am always looking for a sex partner with another guy aged 18 -24 but so far no luck I badly need a **** buddy to **** on a regular basis any help me? Xxx
    Cheeseycock Cheeseycock
    70+, M
    Mar 17, 2012
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