I Annoy People On Omegle

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    I Either Entertain Or Annoy People, I Suppose

    Places like Omegle, Chatroulette and others are really funny. I'm hardle ever myself on there, but occasionally I do. I don't go there to annoy people, I'm just looking for a good time. If the stranger happens to be of the annoying kind, I find it a worthy challenge to annoy...
    Perturbee Perturbee
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Mar 29, 2010


    If you ever get someone that says "SATAN LOVES YOU" at the beginning of the chat...   yep. it's me.   ;D Connecting to server... Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! A word of...
    Debunkifyme Debunkifyme
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Aug 24, 2009

    Why Stop There?

     I annoy people on http://www.gettingrandom.com and Iddin too.  My response to everyone is "Welcome to Burger King, how may I help you?".
    omegle omegle
    1 Response Aug 28, 2009

    One Of My Funny Chats

    I kinda feel bad for this kid now so if he happens to be reading this, i'm reeally sorry! lol Stranger: hi You: ciao Stranger: im from usa where are u from? You: A wild place                 ...
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Dec 26, 2009

    I Got A Phone Number.. And I'll Spam It.

    I just clicked "New chat" And this stranger popped up. Number? 617-532-8287. CALL IT.
    NekuSakuraba NekuSakuraba
    1 Response Oct 24, 2012

    Weird And Funny Convo

    This is by far one of my weirdest convos, its pretty funny. Stranger: Heya You: Hi, my name is you, whats your name? Stranger: Me You: Nice to meet you me Stranger: You to you You: where are you from me? Stranger: Home You: Google is yous home Stranger: Okey :) You: How old...
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Jul 26, 2010

    You're Now Chatting With a Random Stranger. Say Hi!

    hav you ever been on omegle?? if not you are really missing out!!! www.omegle.com dont you just love scaring random people that will never know you???
    Deathkittens Deathkittens
    5 Responses Jun 20, 2009

    Hi Im A Fly! =D

    I had this convo a few minuets ago   About half an hour ago - Stranger Hi, I'm a guy You - Hi, I'm a fly Stranger -Fukc you! You - hahaha! Your conversational partner has disconnected.   Few minuets later - Stranger - Hi, I'm a guy You - I'm a fly, nice to see...
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Dec 26, 2009

    Omegle Homosexual

    Hehe, I loved this conversation I did on Omegle: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hi You: Hey there big boy Stranger: asl You: wanna wiggle with the va-jiggle? You: I have a lot of wa-sizzle! Your conversational partner has disconnected.
    joeioe joeioe
    1 Response Nov 25, 2012

    candidcanine candidcanine
    22-25, F
    Jul 1, 2014

    Trans~? I Dont Think So!

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying. You: hi Stranger: hello Stranger: m here You: asl You: kool Stranger: u? You: got double d's...
    gjoseph gjoseph
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 8, 2011

    If you by any chance chat with someone

    who claims to be a zebra, there is the possibility of that person being me.
    GlitterGlambert GlitterGlambert
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Jul 1, 2014

    I Wonder What Those Guys Would Feel For Themselves

    My target are young ,perv or flirty boys, pretty much my age, 17-24, and definitely not those who marsturbate or show their tiny tweeters in front of the cam. So I would expect a good conversation along with several flirting and compliments. They're gonna say i'm pretty and sexy...
    mhel0w8 mhel0w8
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Nov 5, 2011

    i have thick busy hair

    and i headbang to music and act crazy on omegle lol... some people get scared, others creep out and some just laugh... it is sooooo funny
    deleted deleted
    May 31, 2015

    One Of My Many Funny Omegle Conversations

    You: hiStranger: hi - 21 horny m here lookin 4 girl to have some fun with ;)You: that's me.Stranger: :)Stranger: how old r u?You: 19Stranger: nice, do u have msn?You: no. but do you like pokemon?Stranger: noYou: awwww. well how are we supposed to have fun?Stranger: get your mind...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 18, 2012


    If you guys have any interest in Omegle or Chatroulette you'll love Fipeo.com It's similar in a sense that it uses video, but Fipeo is way better about privacy and filtering users so you can talk to someone that you mesh with.
    jclucas jclucas
    22-25, M
    Dec 21, 2011

    No Greater Pass Time

    if i am bored, from this day forward. my entertainment shall be annoying people on omegle! even greater then annoying people is to see how fast u can get them to disconnect from the convo. just a simple wat r u wearing and they will leave in a heartbeat! omegle is the second...
    sadKid34 sadKid34
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jun 20, 2009

    When They Start It

    This is actually about a sort of MSN version of Omegle Usually, I try to be a nice guy. But every once in a while, I get strings of people who ask "asl" Then I just start posting random things and being mean. Currently, when asked "asl?" my response is...
    b1alasdair b1alasdair
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Aug 15, 2009

    lol i met a guy who was randomly saying

    something .. like i said hi and he was like " pass the salt dude " and then " are we going to the party tomorrow at Hana's " i was already ROFL and he was like " What the **** dude ? are you drunk? Lol epic experience
    saiachyuth saiachyuth
    18-21, M
    Feb 11, 2015
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