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totalitariansm,we oppressed them,expel tham from a very long ago,despite a crunch ,but something happened,the totalitariansm has come back as communism,so start expelling them today 46 People

    Utopia Is At Power. Forecasts And Results Of The Communist Experiment.

    I rely on Raymon Aron"s and Carl Popper's ideas in this article. My advantage consists in comparison with these authors that I have own theory of interrelation between the social conflict and social control. Popper had given criticism of prophecies of Marx in the book Ā«Open...
    ValeryStaricov ValeryStaricov
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    Second Sight Vs. The Illuminati Conspiracy

    This is a link to a blog that can explain more of me an my anti communist friends experiences of torture and hate while living inside the communist California population. Now mind you that this blog is intended to show you some of the things communist do to us in America, and yes...
    Frederick1337 Frederick1337
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    I Hate "left Fascism" - A Diffrent View On The Toppic.

    I originally have written this piece for the "I Hate Communism"-experience. But because you are also "Anti Communism", I won't take this post away from you. I love to read all your great stories about communism (altough you guys have only written 1 story :D). All the death and...
    kwek kwek
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