I Believe Beauty Magazines Promote Low Self Esteem

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    I Hate The Mainstream Defintion Of Beuaty.

    It's been kicking around for a while. I honestly hate judging people on their appearances, matters of substance please. It doesn't matter how I feel... http://monsieur-nick.deviantart.com/art/Beauty-148976067 "My editors at Harlequin used to joke that they could always tell when...
    ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
    31-35, M
    2 Responses Jan 19, 2010

    At Least With Me They Do

    I rarely see giant, painfully-skinny Amazon women walking down the street. So why do we have to believe that the only way to be beautiful is to look like those women??? I'm a victim just like millions of others- I loathe my fat body and imperfect face because these images bombard...
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
    36-40, F
    7 Responses Jul 14, 2010


    People need to wake up and realize they can't look like those chicks in the magazine because they are digitally enhanced. I use to buy them but not anymore. Magazines are evil, especially the ones portraying "beautiful" people in them. 99% of those people are ugly.
    TrustNobody TrustNobody
    26-30, F
    8 Responses Jan 10, 2010


    I woke up today thinking about it. I woke up thinking about Miley Cyrus, Britney spears, etc. I woke up and honestly thought about it and all I could say was I think society places way too much of a focus on feminine beauty and the down side is it's killed the market place of...
    ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
    31-35, M
    1 Response Jun 12, 2010

    Trying To Stay Away

    I've been avoiding magazines and TV for quiet awhile now and although my body image isn't perfect, its a lot more stable and I've been doing a lot less negative comparisons. Of course I can't tune out the media completely but I've learned to become more oblivious to it and...
    SilverLinedShadows SilverLinedShadows
    2 Responses Jul 23, 2012

    It Does Promote Low Self-esteem

    I joined this group cause I believe beauty magazines promote low self-esteem.  We look at all these people on beauty magazines and suspect this is the way we should look instead being ourselves and unique. I like what Dove's doing.  Campaign for real...
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Oct 3, 2010

    It's A Little Bit Scary For Me To Admit This Because It Put Me "out There" In The Whole Feminist Debate

    “The thing that I tend to notice among a few feminist is this idea that because someone has sexual (or romantic) feelings for another, automatically they are already objectifying that person. “ this was a youtube comment left for me comment left for me. you want to know...
    ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
    31-35, M
    Nov 19, 2012

    Why Does One Have To Be Photoshopped To Be Idea?

    I mean since when is the human body so disgusting even the ones that are considered the best must be altered by a computer program? How is that remotely reasonable when no one lives up to societies expectations. How is the everyday person supposed to feel comfortable in their own...
    rainbowdasher rainbowdasher
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Feb 2, 2013
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