I Believe Family Is Very Important

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    My daughter is in the hospital.

    ..i dont like being at work all day 10 hrs her there alone...i know, nothing for me to do but sit there....i left early yesterday, went in late today....and the had to send up 2 people to replace me....where is my raise and whats it going to be if i take off al day tomorrow to...
    lifealwayschanges lifealwayschanges
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    18 Responses Aug 18, 2015

    However, sometimes, you've just got to cut off

    toxic people in your lives, even if they're blood.
    sierra1997 sierra1997
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Mar 15, 2016

    Connections and relationship building

    whether it is through blood/bond or bond. Family is a feeling of knowing you have support, physical and spiritual, it's a reciprocal feeling, to nurture and be nurtured within a circle of trust and love. My immediate and extended ties always has been a strong active vein...
    helmsdeep helmsdeep
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    Feb 16, 2016
    djdrake djdrake
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    5 Responses Oct 2, 2015

    Looking through all my baby pictures,

    it's weird to think I was so small, and bratty! I'm thankful for my parents putting up with me.
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    1 Response Feb 24, 2016

    I am at the hospital getting my dad ready

    for surgery. He had a heart attack on Friday, they are going in for repairs in 15 minutes. He's 54. I'm sick from nerves. I'll be alone staring at this room for the next 8 hours. If you're the praying type please say one for him. Xo
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    1 Response Feb 24, 2016

    Do you know what is the best,

    authentic smell in the world? No preservative, nor additives, in its pure form.. A newborn baby. Especially after a bath! :) My family had been anxiously waiting for my niece's arrival since yesterday evening, and now she's here! My second niece in the family! The progress...
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    2 Responses Feb 19, 2016

    family is all we have.

    i love you dad. rip. 1/18/2016...dont worry, I'll be taking care of your sweetheart
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    6 Responses Jan 18, 2016

    I can't even stress how much I value the

    importance of family. My family drives me crazy, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Most of my life lessons, both bitter and sweet, I learned from my family. They aren't perfect. Neither am I. But we learn together. And even now, years later, we are learning how to...
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    4 Responses Feb 3, 2016
    Alexz72 Alexz72
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    5 Responses Oct 4, 2015

    I often dream about living the perfect life,

    having the perfect husband who supports me and the kids, living in a big house, white Pickett fence, having a lot of kids run around the yard, being a house wife. But I don't ;-(.
    xoxomaris xoxomaris
    22-25, F
    9 Responses Apr 6, 2016

    My grandmother was known

    as Queen of the Musty Farts. Her farts were by far the most musty farts I've ever smelled. Let's just say that on your mustiest day, your farts would smell positively dry compared to hers. When she cut one, it was like being in a British dungeon wearing day old wet socks. It was...
    jasonBK1 jasonBK1
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Mar 30, 2016

    I was babysitting my niece yesterday.

    such a precious little soul. I was looking at her, singing to her, bouncing her up and down. to stop her from crying because she had missed her mom and dad. she can't really hear me. she wears a hearing aid. but I'd listen to her heartbeat and it hit me. how beautiful life is...
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    4 Responses Sep 28, 2015

    When I lived at home,

    my family was almost my entire reality. I had lots of playmates from the "hood". But school sucked for my self esteem. My family and playmates thought I was great even if I was smaller than them. They protected and guided me. Now I am in college--far short of the real world. But...
    9minute 9minute
    18-21, M
    Mar 9, 2016

    I have two children,

    and their paternal family make no effort. if it wasn't for facebook, or us visiting them, they would never see them. I've heard nothing from them this Easter holiday. they never call to ask if everything is OK or if we need anything. they're just absent! this really bothers me...
    Itsallahoax Itsallahoax
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Mar 29, 2016

    It's gonna be 2 years

    since my grandpa died. I still cry every year because it makes me so sad. I just recently lost a friend from cancer and his death left me in just as much pain as I was in when my grandpa died.
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    1 Response Mar 6, 2016

    Family is the most important thing to me.

    Friends come and go but family is forever, and that's comforting
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    2 Responses Jan 27, 2016

    Growing up it was usually just me

    and my Mom for Christmas and it was nice and everything but I always saw Christmas movies with these big families together celebrating together and I always sort of wished I had that too. A year and a half ago my mom married my stepdad and suddenly instant family. It was the...
    morganmuffin morganmuffin
    16-17, F
    7 Responses Dec 29, 2015

    Yes i believe family is very important

    because mom and dad will be in the family to guide you to the right path,and apart from that,your relatives will be there to tell you what to do in life so according to me family is very important so please dont leave your family always stay with them and only then you will...
    Roadguy Roadguy
    26-30, M
    1 Response Mar 20, 2016

    Easter is the perfect day

    and nothing could go wrong. It turns out I'm wrong my mom got sick in Easter. I felt bad she laughed all day and smiled. It broke my heart to see her cry and throwing up. I'm writing this while sitting next to her in the couch.
    263pb 263pb
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Mar 27, 2016

    I am a 17 year old girl,

    with my own job and I even lettered in academics at my high school and hopefully I'm up for a scholarship for college. I always have wanted to be there for my family. I still do, but it's been harder and harder recently. I moved out of my parents house in January 2016, so...
    LittleLadyT LittleLadyT
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Mar 11, 2016

    Spending these next couple weeks with my family

    :) no one else I would rather be with while my husband is away!
    mymilsobeginning mymilsobeginning
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 15, 2016

    A couple of days ago I was in the kitchen

    washing dishes and saw my dad outside. His hair flared out at the side, his gray strands mixed with his black hair. I never noticed his gray hair until now. This makes me sad because he's getting older and older. Someday he will leave my family and I behind. I want to go back to...
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    15 Responses Jun 16, 2015

    My family is my source of strength

    and support. I am weak without my family.
    Jononymous Jononymous
    26-30, M
    Feb 22, 2016

    so I strongly believe

    that family is very important and I have a half sister who is 14. she lives in Texas and my father lives in washington. he is diabetic and gaining a bunch of weight all at once. now I know this is not a good thing but he doesn't seem to care about our feelings. how do I tell my...
    hawkeyegirl93 hawkeyegirl93
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Mar 13, 2016

    I'm so grateful that I have a birthday party to

    attend this weekend, and I can't wait. I'm so looking forward to celebrating life!
    biggunsatx biggunsatx
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Mar 25, 2015


    Maybe I watched too much tv as a kid. But I have always had this impossible dream in my mind. Of a family that likes each other. Of a mother and a father and some kids. They laugh together, and the tough times only make them stronger. Because no matter what's going on, they care...
    onceandfutureglow onceandfutureglow
    31-35, F
    81 Responses Jul 18, 2010

    Please could anyone who has been in a domestic

    abuse situation with children fill in my short anonymous survey :- http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ZID51/ it is for a research project and I would be very grateful :)
    hereat hereat
    36-40, F
    1 Response Mar 1, 2016

    Do you live away from home?

    Or are you close to where your family lives? I'm kinda bummed my brother is leaving in a few hours, he's packing up his truck and I just finished packing his cooler with groceries. Hahaha there are certain items that you can't find away from home. Like good Tortillas...
    TristeMuneca87 TristeMuneca87
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 12, 2016

    In real life, I had times I wished I could have

    the right to choose my family members...father, mother, sister, brother, boyfriends, cousins, colleagues, seniors, bosses, classmate, teachers,....for some reasons like being healthier, more cheerful, more hardworking, having more understanding, less nagging, more trustworthy...
    whyacinth whyacinth
    36-40, F
    1 Response Mar 2, 2016

    The thoughts of having to be away from you,

    to go to work; take care of someone else's sick, dying babies whilst yours is to be left home, or at the daycare; to be cared for by other people/strangers...... Get well QUICK, N! Please...
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    2 Responses Mar 2, 2016

    Lost a close family member today,

    and I am just heartbroken. It just seems surreal. Take nothing for granted, tell the people you love how much you love them, and keep them in your life. May she rest in peace.
    biggunsatx biggunsatx
    41-45, M
    15 Responses Mar 23, 2015

    Do you ever think that family is more important

    than religion? My Catholic Church group says to always put God first which is what the whole Catholic & Christian religion says too but I believe that family comes first and that it is always family over everything. My family has been in every part of my life, shaped me into the...
    paulincalifornia paulincalifornia
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Feb 29, 2016

    What do you do when your own family ,

    is your poison ? They mock me , spread lies , Belittle me , are overly critical , never satisfied , and are like vultures. That's why I wanna start my own family away from my own family . Pray for me please ?
    jesseman23 jesseman23
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Mar 15, 2016

    My brother is nineteen years older

    than me. Meaning he was an only child until his freshman year of college. He settled down pretty late so he was 41 years old when his son was born. My sister-in-law passed away when my nephew was three but my brother has done a great job raising his son. Even so, being that my...
    CrepuscularCook CrepuscularCook
    36-40, M
    3 Responses Aug 19, 2015

    family is all you have

    and the only thing you can really trust in.
    Karinamvedo Karinamvedo
    22-25, F
    8 Responses Jul 6, 2015

    Something So Often Taken For Granted- Though I

    love my family I don't always get along with my parents and siblings, I sometimes take having a home and a place to belong for granted. I am overly comfortable with my surroundings and so they don't really mean that much to me. Today I ran across a post with a quote that made me...
    2ndBorn1stSon 2ndBorn1stSon
    26-30, M
    4 Responses Apr 7, 2016

    I share lots of bummer stories,

    so I wanted to share this really upbeat one: I live in an apartment complex, and there are quite a few folks that I don't know all that well, or at all - beyond their exterior looks, and the car they drive. Well, there is this guy that parks outside my window; that is kind of...
    Nateindenver Nateindenver
    31-35, M
    6 Responses Apr 16, 2015

    I'm at a hospital ICU watching a family member

    virtually fade away. I've been close to her all my life. She's too young. It's heartbreaking. As I walk down the halls I see old, frail people in rooms all alone, and the look in their eyes is even more heartbreaking.
    biggunsatx biggunsatx
    41-45, M
    19 Responses Mar 21, 2015

    I love my baby boy. He calls me,

    and it makes my whole day. My kids are my world
    ZenLioNESS719 ZenLioNESS719
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Nov 11, 2015

    You do worry about them!

    No matter how old the young'uns get, and especially the old un's!!!
    picklebobble picklebobble
    51-55, M
    1 Response Sep 30, 2015

    I was so embarrassed.

    i am a housewife so i work in the home. Yesterday, to be funny i put on a headband with cat ears on it, when when I woke up Hubby and kids for work and school i had the kitty headband. Everyone thought it was pretty funny. When they left I kept the kitty look. About 11:00 am i...
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    3 Responses Apr 25, 2015

    gotta love them. ...

    . .... .... ....
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Jan 17, 2016

    The moment when you realise you have to change

    to keep the people in your life happy
    mia2001m mia2001m
    16-17, F
    5 Responses Apr 13, 2016

    This morning it's "Lady

    and the Tramp" with my nephew. He's the cutest 15 month old and LOVES dogs. So coffee for me and milk for him as we snuggle in for our Sunday morning cuddles. 💜
    Tgray42 Tgray42
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Jan 31, 2016

    Yes, you don't pick your family

    but they are the most important relationships you have. You should work hard at ensuring family relationships are peaceable. It is family you rely on in times of personal distress, they are crucial to your well being. You should never allow the sun to set on a family argument.
    Banyousbabe Banyousbabe
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Mar 11, 2016

    Those late night meaningful conversations with

    my mom make things a just a little easier to bare
    KellerKing13 KellerKing13
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 7, 2015

    I WANT TO BE A TV A Primary School teacher

    asked her pupils to write an essay on ?A wish you want from God?" At the end of the day, the teacher collected all the essays given by her pupils. She took them to her house, sat down and started marking. Whilst marking the essays, she sees a strange essay written by one of...
    Rosalindaag Rosalindaag
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Apr 8, 2016

    One day stands between me

    and the East Coast! I have t seen them since December, this is going to be great!!
    mymilsobeginning mymilsobeginning
    26-30, F
    Mar 9, 2016

    I never had a mom and dad,

    but I hope that one day I can have a big family: husband, kids, dogs, cats lmao. Today I'm okay with that, but when I was a child every friend I made was confused about that and made me feel very weird.
    queenobody queenobody
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Nov 25, 2015

    We All Change Some But Does Our Essence?

    RIP Billy. I will always love you! I spoke with my brother on the phone this morning. He sounds good...he sounds strong. We joked....talked about everything except the fact that he's ill...we don't talk about that...his choice. We talk at least five times a week...sometimes...
    frito414 frito414
    56-60, F
    50 Responses Dec 8, 2009

    So I get home today from work

    and my brother is outside smoking a cigarette. He picked up my kids from daycare and took them for a bike ride and they were putting their bikes away and racing and being kids on the sidewalk. So I pulled up to my place I saw my upstairs neighbor (you've probably read about her...
    TristeMuneca87 TristeMuneca87
    26-30, F
    Mar 11, 2016
    blesstracy blesstracy
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Apr 28, 2015

    Indeed very important.

    .. Family is one which sits together and eat..it might sound simple but as lot of significance..
    Wanderingirlme Wanderingirlme
    41-45, F
    1 Response Jan 12, 2016

    i belong broken family sometimes it

    so annoying and my mother focus only her work and always nagging but im still glad that she my mother because i and my sister finished study without problem especially financial ..my mother is the most brave single mother.!
    SAKuraXLee SAKuraXLee
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 11, 2016

    I always loved my family very much.

    And now I got reminded how important family is. My daddy died 1 year ago and my mommy died 3 months ago. Now that I am an orphan I can say that life is very hard and lonely without family.
    deleted deleted
    15 Responses May 17, 2015

    Happy birthday dad. Although you broke my

    heart by divorcing mom, use a picture of you and your step child as your profile picture in Facebook, looks really happy with your step children, go travel and hangout with your new wife and her children, do all the things that I could only wish to do with you, but still, happy...
    hmmmidk hmmmidk
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Feb 25, 2016
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