I Believe In Anne Frank's Diary

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    Just A Word

    Our resident revisionist has wiped out all my comments concerning his poorly done cut and paste tactics .... I seem to have gotten his attention.  Good.   The man has no mind of his own and  doesn't even use his own words.  Wiemcos doesn't even make a good troll much less a...
    winchester64 winchester64
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    The Holocaust Never Happened And Other Stories

    I want to throw this out there for anyone that claims like a certain Wiemcos that the Holocaust was a lie and that Anne Frank was not murdered.   All revisionists claim that there was maybe at best 1 or 2 million jews that lost their lives during the time they were imprisoned...
    winchester64 winchester64
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    MissAnneFrank MissAnneFrank
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    Apr 2, 2016


    I am saddened that I had to start this group.  Why in the name of God would there be people out there that would want to throw doubt upon the personal diary of a little girl? I never would have believed it until I  found out for myself.  I still cannot believe it.  
    winchester64 winchester64
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    I Believe In Anne Franks Diary

    I was never brought up in the religon but being Jewish and reading this book when i was young, I knew that the world wasnt always the brightest place. Yes its depressing but how other way would we be able to learn about the holocaust when we were young? Some of us read the story...
    srosenfe0938 srosenfe0938
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    Anne Frank : The Truth And The Revisionists

    I have heard enough.  Enough is more than I can stand.  I made this group asking a simple question -  " Why ? "  The truth is I know why.  This group has come under attack.  It is a sad state of affairs that grown men would try to discredit the writings of a 14 year old...
    winchester64 winchester64
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    Mar 25, 2012

    Well Of Course

    That was a horrible time in our history. I am sure there were hundreds of Jewish children that kept a sort of diary during the time they were hidden away. It would have been amazing if there were more found, but I am sure they all were destroyed by the Nazis as soon as people...
    Kaity5 Kaity5
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    Sorry for being facetious .

    .. Was Anne Frank in the same story as Santa and the Easter Bunny? Why do we have to fight to keep the memories of the Holocaust alive. Anne Frank was just one of millions and not just Jewish but a victim of over 20 million deaths of civilians at the hands of fanatics. History...
    ericthebee ericthebee
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    I am writing this as an update.

    When I made this group, it was in retaliation for a holocaust denier that was posting highly inflammatory posts with verification from one of many books and pamphlets that had long ago been proven false by court jurisdiction. These kind of posts were dangerous to the point of...
    winchester64 winchester64
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    1 Response May 4, 2015
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