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    whatishappening15 whatishappening15
    26-30, F
    Aug 27, 2015

    The human race is intelligent enough to send a

    ship to space, study the rules of quantum physics and understand behaviours of microscopic matter. Yet there are still a load of people out there that fail to understand the basic need for respect to their fellow species. Especially in modern society. We're all different. But...
    ecosport ecosport
    22-25, M
    Jan 11, 2014

    My Perspective On Equality

    Many people claim that they are all for equality.  Unfortunately, that generally means that all is fine, as long as they end up on top and get what they want.  I believe in true equality across the board, not selective equality. In a relationship, I expect...
    caring1 caring1
    56-60, M
    25 Responses Aug 13, 2010
    jphendrix87 jphendrix87
    26-30, M
    Jun 26, 2015

    Equal Rights For Women, My Irritation..

    I'm all for women getting the same wage cheque as men if they are doing the same job as men, I can't understand the problem with the modern world when that's not the case. All the other stuff too,(washing, cleaning cooking and so on) equal in my mind without a doubt. In spite of...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Nov 30, 2013

    I'm a man, so I wear a mans kilt,

    but the weird looks and stupid statements and attempted indecent assault, by women is unbelievable after all the bitching they do about men trying to look up their skirts let alone lift them,id be in the police station, if I did and said what gets said to me, ladies, the law is...
    Richard161 Richard161
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Jul 10, 2015

    Girls And Boys.

    I am bisexual, and I like boys and girls equally the same. both sides have ups and downs to them. (:
    xoxolezboxox xoxolezboxox
    18-21, F
    1 Response Dec 3, 2013

    While signing up, I was stunned to see

    that "transgendered" was now an option in the gender field.
    FayBee FayBee
    18-21, F
    Sep 1, 2015

    My First Real Experience As A Young Woman.

    I am a pre-operative male to female transgender. I knew this at a very early age something was not physically or mentally different about myself when I first discovered that I enjoyed the domestic things in the house such as cooking, sewing, baking, decorating a home, cleaning...
    ladybri71 ladybri71
    41-45, T
    6 Responses Apr 3, 2012

    , but do not believe it should be a forced

    action, however I do this more ppl should think this way!
    Hardboy48 Hardboy48
    26-30, M
    Jan 12, 2016

    I do we celebrate Martin Luther king day

    as a national holiday, but though we observe 2 presidents birthday. They are not holidays.
    sassygirl15 sassygirl15
    16-17, F
    Jan 18, 2016

    No one should have a

    titlePopularLoserDowngradeGayLesbianBiStraightNerdEtc...No one deserves a labelBecause that's what people use to define a personSometimes a complimentSometimes it hurtsSome people don't care about itAnd just leaves it at thatBut because of these labelsPeople are being hurt and...
    ImAlivingParadox ImAlivingParadox
    22-25, F
    5 Responses May 5, 2015
    jphendrix87 jphendrix87
    26-30, M
    Jul 7, 2015

    We're all equal but sadly enough things

    as mass-media,religion,judgment,ego and separation criteria are learning people otherwise. People are not borned with the (diss)abillity to make difference and create hate but this is being preached and teached by too many,even from school and church since a young age...
    PaintDrop PaintDrop
    22-25, F
    1 Response Feb 22, 2014

    So the bible doesn't say anything about

    interracial relationships, but my mom acts like it's the worst thing ever. The bible says it's immortal for a man to lay with another man and a woman to lay with a woman, but it says nothing about having feelings toward another man or woman. If a man or woman has feelings toward...
    Lilred17 Lilred17
    18-21, F
    6 Responses May 17, 2015

    It's tough. I am an extremely strong believer

    in equality— gender, marriage, opportunity— and it's our right as humans to obtain that, we deserve it. Discrimination is a sign or weakness and a waste of time. I'm a teen, and sure, you can say teens make stupid decisions, they're moody: hormones. I believe in equality...
    popmasha popmasha
    13-15, F
    Feb 16, 2016

    A Reminder

    your all beautiful, sweet hearted people. everyone is lucky to have you in their life, and you really are a good person. everyone on here seems to be upset or going through a rough time, just thought ide share some positivity with those who need a smile.
    PineapppleExpress03 PineapppleExpress03
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Nov 24, 2013

    **** discrimination of any kind.

    Your race, your nationality, your beliefs, your sexual preference, your gender, they do NOT make you a bad person. Being black, Asian, Hispanic, or white does not define your income, your way of life. YOU do. The country you live in does NOT change how you see the world. Your...
    TheCagedBirdsMelody TheCagedBirdsMelody
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Dec 17, 2013

    I hate when people say "I love gay people.

    " Or when they specifically have to point out that a person was gay. We are people just like you and the fact that you have to point that out means you have equally issues just like you complain that people call you out about being different. It's funny how you see it.
    Brooke6813 Brooke6813
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jan 23, 2016

    I have no other mission in life

    than to make everyone feel equal and accepted. Until we all realize that we're all the same a no one is different, better, or lesser, we can't truly move forward in society. Judgement is a ridiculous concept and the god in most of your religions tells you not to judge others, so...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Mar 27, 2014

    Thinking about how there are

    so many different types of people out there really got me thinking. I thought about a box of pens. When I am reaching in, I do not care about its color or shape or size. All I need is a pen that will allow me to write neatly and efficiently. I also believe that people should be...
    chasetheweirdo8 chasetheweirdo8
    16-17, M
    3 Responses May 10, 2015

    Absolutely thrilled this morning to read the US

    Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality! C'mon Australia!!!!
    GypsyMiss GypsyMiss
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jun 26, 2015

    I just hate when people judge with just what

    your watching, like, can just all people watch with what they so called lgbt series and not look at you what they think you are? I don't do labels but, can't a straight person watch it too? Ugh
    Jaisz Jaisz
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Nov 26, 2015

    Are Women Really Treated Equally?

    I saw a few people on the Experience Project saying that men and women are already equal. Well, check these facts out and see what you think: 1.Data on women’s/girls struggle for equality has gone missing in the Bush Administration. The current administration continues to...
    CallipygianVenus CallipygianVenus
    22-25, F
    49 Responses Feb 11, 2008

    So here's what I randomly thought again.

    Pls bare, for this will have "maybes" So, I wanna ask you, have you been in love? If yes, then you'll get this. Once you're in love, it just really struck you like you can't even explain it, but one thing is for sure, it just feels right. With a boy or with a girl, it's just...
    Jaisz Jaisz
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 18, 2015

    So, here's what I think

    and see. It's just a case where a boy likes a boy, a girl likes a girl or both on boys and girls. It's just, it's not the knowledge we're born of, that's why we think it's wrong but it's just the SAME THING. Think of this way, they didn't choose to be like that, I know they have...
    Jaisz Jaisz
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jul 4, 2015


    I think it's cruel to judge someone for liking the same gender, being that I like the same gender myself, but honestly, you can't help who you love. Sure it says it's a sin in the bible but, it's almost 2014 and some people are still judging people for what they can't help...
    ciarranicole ciarranicole
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Nov 23, 2013

    I feel like it would be

    so cool to plan out with friends or strangers, whoever wanted to participate, in a kind of spontaneous message release. People coming together, in a very public setting, and getting everyone's attention with a dramatic act (just an example: a black man and a white man run into...
    WanderingEcoFaerie WanderingEcoFaerie
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Feb 5, 2016

    Excuse me, I have a HULK behind my Zipper.

    The only reason alot men like small girls is because they want a girl screaming "It's so DEEP inside me, it FEELS GOOD!". That's some of the reasons why WE men like Small Girls. But if it where me, I'd make you feel good even if your larger than me.
    jasonBK1 jasonBK1
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 28, 2016

    why is it when a girl gets a vibrator,

    it's seen as a bit of naughty fun ? BUT when a guy orders a 240 Volt FuckMasteer Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating box, elasticized an'us with non-drip se'men collection tray, together with a optional built in realistic scream surround sound system, hes called a...
    jasonBK1 jasonBK1
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Apr 19, 2016

    It's been very hard for me to ignore all the

    statements being made about the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Obergfell V. Hodges. Hopefully, after getting this off my chest it will be easier to ignore the people that are claiming it was an abuse of power. The complaint that was brought to the Supreme Court of the...
    SapphicMinion SapphicMinion
    1 Response Jun 28, 2015

    I see posts all the time saying "I believe

    women are slaves, men rule" or "women are the superior race" I just want say I don't think that's God's intentions. I think he was thinking more along the lines of women care for the children and the house, while men support the family. Of course I could be wrong. I'm only human...
    FieryWolf FieryWolf
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 30, 2016

    Yes, but as Krushchev said,

    "Some are more equal than others"' I think equal rights is essential as long as the people who are receiving these rights are also willing to grant the same rights to others.
    Serenitree1 Serenitree1
    70+, F
    2 Responses Dec 28, 2015

    Double Standards

    Much of the inequality I feel is down to the way I am perceived and viewed by others, and the expectations by society to live and act to a certain standard, which differs from that of a man. Think about this. If a young man keeps a very untidy and messy apartment, he is not...
    Sheridan1988 Sheridan1988
    22-25, F
    20 Responses Apr 27, 2012

    "I know that what you call 'God' really exists,

    but not in the form you think; God is primal cosmic energy, the love in your body, your integrity, and your perception of the nature in you and outside of you." "We live in a community of people not so that we can suppress and dominate eachother or make each other miserable but...
    JavierHunting JavierHunting
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Mar 15, 2014

    I believe everybody is equal.

    No matter sexuality, race, religion, sex, mind set, or personal choices. We should all be treated the same way as everyone else.
    Emberrsky Emberrsky
    18-21, F
    Dec 2, 2013

    As another International Women's Day draws to a

    close I ask all of you to remember that March 8 isn't the only day to remember the contributions that women have made in the world... It is something that should be reflected upon everyday... So next time you see Your Mother Your Sister Your Girlfriend Remember what a...
    ryAnnaKarenina2000 ryAnnaKarenina2000
    16-17, M
    3 Responses Mar 8, 2016

    Funeral Etiquette

    I am fully expecting to get flamed by the Scots for this one ! But Today I attended a very dear friends funeral , until today I never knew that in my part of Scotland it's not acceptable to attend the burial if you are female . It's ok to go to the service , it's fine to go to...
    Illiteratetroll Illiteratetroll
    6 Responses Feb 23, 2012

    why would people treat others lower then others

    just because they don't like it what they do or are? makes no sense! if you believe in god why hate other versions of the same god?? its like you are a potato and going to war with mash potato because they are smashed! blah. :'(
    Tallestdavid Tallestdavid
    26-30, M
    Nov 27, 2015

    Do the "rich" people truly feel

    that it is offensive for the poor to give something to them, who supposedly already have everything?Do they truly believe that nobody can give anything just for the heck of "sharing and giving"?What a shame!!SAd sad world we live in. :/   
    moonii moonii
    22-25, F
    11 Responses May 16, 2015

    Feeling really upset

    and annoyed at this website, there's a group called "I hate men" make a group called "I hate women" and see if it gets the same rep, that sh*t makes me sick, hating an entire gender, the fact that they have no problem going as far to say they hate men... I wouldn't feel good...
    BlueDragonN7 BlueDragonN7
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Sep 9, 2015

    Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage legal in

    all states http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/26/politics/supreme-court-same-sex-marriage-ruling/index.html
    greenneaz89 greenneaz89
    26-30, T
    3 Responses Jun 26, 2015
    NaturallyPeculiar NaturallyPeculiar
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 17, 2014

    Different but Together!

    Without being connected we are just pieces in a box with no meaning or beauty.
    JoanieNewHampshire JoanieNewHampshire
    61-65, T
    Dec 28, 2015

    Does religion deprive women from evolving?

    Read article:http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/losing-my-religion-for-equality-20090714-dk0v.html What are your thoughts on this article?
    SeftonHS SeftonHS
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Feb 22, 2016

    It doesn't matter your age,

    sexuality, race, religion, gender, occupation. We're all equals in this, even if life isn't fair and people have an easier life than others, I believe that deep down we are all equal.
    WolfConstellation WolfConstellation
    18-21, F
    Mar 18, 2016

    First,if you are man,

    this might offend you. Or even if you are woman,this might offend you. This is just my opinion even if you guys don't like it. i speak my mind. So...before i'm going to hospital,i'm reading this book ''Tragedy of Beautiful woman'' This book is written about prejudice...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Apr 26, 2015

    Alexis de Tocqueville,

    when he visited America, praised Americans for their gender equality. He said that men and women play different roles within society but the roles they play are equally useful. Any thoughts?
    TheBoss84 TheBoss84
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 2, 2016

    Seriously, understanding the whole meaning of

    Respect, is just a blessing, it makes you less of an *******, for sure.
    Jaisz Jaisz
    22-25, F
    1 Response Sep 3, 2015
    UnknownnQueenn UnknownnQueenn
    18-21, F
    Jun 27, 2015

    So far, a lot of homophobes are pissed

    that in every state same sex marriage is now legalised. It is so hilarious XD Temper tantrums are going to be thrown everywhere.
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Jun 26, 2015

    Its true. But its never okay to beat a man,

    ever! People need to stop being so feminist and look at the wider picture, men are abused too, but that seems to over looked. Just because a man is the 'stronger' gender, doesnt mean its okay for them to be abused. Both males and females can be raped and abused. Gender should...
    dancingSpider dancingSpider
    16-17, F
    2 Responses Oct 5, 2014

    I find it kinda dumb how anything

    and everything can be discriminatory until its against a straight white person. Do we not count or something?
    maskedboy maskedboy
    36-40, M
    1 Response Feb 11, 2016

    If you are reading this,

    please take action. A user on EP, who's username is TruePeace33, actively insults people and degrades anybody he encounters. He is a hate mongering person who believes it's unacceptable to be kind and expresses insults in the form of homophobia, racism, and attacks individuals...
    TheCagedBirdsMelody TheCagedBirdsMelody
    18-21, M
    13 Responses Dec 19, 2013

    What Is Wrong With Some People.

    Recently i was walking home after a night out and there were these two guys yelling abuse at this other man simply for the fact that he was gay. That sort of behaviour annoys me and so i thought i'd do a little rant about it. To begin with, i'm frustrated when people hide...
    Iamjustsotiredofitall Iamjustsotiredofitall
    22-25, M
    17 Responses Aug 25, 2013
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