I Believe In Respecting Other Peoples' Boundaries

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    Respect may be the easiest and the hardest thing to do. And I dislike when someone disrespects me or anyone else. Tact is for free, yet not all possess it. And it is void of sense if it is formalism. Borders are there to be respected. And to be transgressed sometimes. Incursion...
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    Even If It's Hard.

    Sometimes I am dying to ask people questions that I know they don't want to answer... so I don't.  I have that noseyness about me, but I don't act on it if the other person is reserved or I think it might upset/offend them.
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    I always do that, so I would expect

    that others would respect my boundaries as well.
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    A Bit Of Thoughts On It....i Don't Have The Time To Really Give It Full Vetting...hopefully Some Food For Thought In It.

    So boundaries would have a few reasons.   1) To protect the smooth functioning of society. "Formal" boundaries such as laws and nonreligious teachings. And "informal" boundaries such as don't pick your nose, call someone a ***** or wear your blouse loosely.    2) To protect...
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    And I ´d Truly Appreciate.........

      .....the same in return.  
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    Advice Needed

    I have just ended a relationship with my partner because they didn't respect my boundaries. Now I keep going over & over things they said to me that really hurt. Any tips on how to resolve the hurt they caused. I'm angry at myself for letting them hurt me over & over again.
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    Aug 9, 2012

    I Never Cross The Line.

    We all have bounderies, physical and mental etc. I would never disrespect anyone's bounderies, i just wouldn't. I know if i'm getting to close to someone and they dont like it. Its our right to have our space and that includes from the people that we love e.g. partner, family. I...
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    It's Not Negotiable

    And that truly means either way. I won't accept it from myself or from anyone else either. Boundaries are bubbles, don't pop my bubble!
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    People usually have boundaries as a form of protection or defense. It is very normal but sometimes others don't understand and overstep your boundaries. That's when you gotta show them a lesson to not overstep and when they do they should get walopped either by words or something...
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