I Believe In The Sidhe

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    For Giggles4488....in Thanks

    You have taught me so much and shown me those things which cannot be seen with our eyes, hear that which cannot be heard with the ear, and feel that which can't be felt by touch.... you've carried me forward on this path and I will forever be thankful. Love, Missy
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    Missy's Woods

    I went for a walk in the woods today,The story I will tell, if I may.We sat in the shade of trees so old, my grandson, my Missy, and I made three,He pointed and exclaimed "see look by the oak", and burst into delighted giggles of glee."Do you see him Grandmama, oh please say you...
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    I've Seen The Bean Sidhe (banshee)

    She is a woman of the fairy mound and messenger from Otherworld.  She appears as a beautiful woman of any age, not the old hag of mythology.  The Bean Sidhe can be seen as a manifestation, epiphany if you will, of my Goddess the Morrigan.  That is why her appearance to me had...
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