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I Believe Masterbation Is Healthy

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    *This particular storyis obviously a fantasy , composed for someone on E.P. , but brings together a series of real-life experiences . I am imagining you walking along a beach wearing a sweet little bikini . Then you see Daddy , lying naked in the sun , long smooth body , legs...
    RandomBloke01 RandomBloke01
    46-50, M
    Apr 17, 2014

    I don't 'believe' it to be healthy – I know

    it to be healthy. ************ has proved, time and time again, to be a healthy thing to do. All the people who say that it causes blindness have never read a scientific report, because there is no scientific reasoning behind it. There are even studies that suggest it helps...
    ThatGirlSara2 ThatGirlSara2
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Aug 11, 2015
    deleted deleted
    Sep 20, 2015

    Sure It's Healthy

    Sure it's healthy. It feels great and it relieves tension! I usually ********** a few times a week. (outside in the sun is the coolest) I'd like to do it in my pool, but I'm still a bit squeamish about having my *** around in the water, more for other people then for myself. If...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 18, 2013

    Getting Rid Of Guilt

    I was brought up in a family where sex was never talked about.I am sure my parents knew Β that I *********** but nothing was ever said. I was religious and used to go to confession and accuse myself of "Self Abuse". Even then I could not stop ************ and I came to the...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 2, 2013
    deleted deleted
    Mar 19, 2014

    It is definitely healthy

    and a great way to get comfortable with your body. It also made my first time having sex a lot less awkward because I was comfortable with my sexuality.
    butterflybaby90 butterflybaby90
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 9, 2016

    It's been a couple days

    since I did and sex has been a no show cause of reasons. I'm definitely feeling it!! I'm grouchy and aggressive and my patience is non existent. How on earth could anyone NOT knock one out every now and again? What a crap life that would be.
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Feb 12, 2016

    It Was Prescribed By My Doctor

    Last year my PSA test numbers were elevated. I asked my doctor what should I do about it. She told me to ********** at least 2 times a day. I obeyed doctors orders with pleasure. The PSA numbers went from 6.2 to 0.4 in 6 weeks.It is good for you.
    61-65, M
    1 Response Apr 28, 2013

    it helps with my depression

    and anxiety and i do it i am stressed out just makes me feel better
    Jamal1986 Jamal1986
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jan 23, 2016
    IamAlexander IamAlexander
    26-30, M
    Dec 9, 2015


    A perfect summer day , I had been nude at an unofficial suburban beach and was walking through the streets of the area in just loose , high-cut running shorts without underpants . Coming to a park , I stretched on the lawn , pulling out a book , lying on my side . From the...
    RandomBloke01 RandomBloke01
    46-50, M
    Mar 26, 2014

    I ********** ever day,

    I am doing it right now
    jamesfly26 jamesfly26
    31-35, M
    May 28, 2015

    PETER AND MEGAN . He was a damned good-looking

    boy . She was Megan , a pretty girl-next-door type who worked for me . They were both nineteen and he was her boyfriend . I was thirty-eight . In those days I ran a massage practice , Megan being one of my masseuses . Megan and I became friendly - she was clearly taken with...
    RandomBloke01 RandomBloke01
    46-50, M
    Mar 26, 2014

    I have to do it at least

    once a day as I get very horny and need this release.
    pinksilkyknickers69 pinksilkyknickers69
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Apr 6, 2016

    it is a great way to relieve stress.

    i do it when i am stressed out or upset
    Jamal1986 Jamal1986
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Jan 22, 2016

    and it is even more enjoyable

    when I'm sending pics to others while at it
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Dec 9, 2015

    Love Tilefloors &Amp; Woodfloors Alot

    I love too ********** everyday I lay facedownward looking at my self in the mirror humping in my speedos or in sports briefs and rubbing against the bare floors taking my time doing it I've done at my friends house when I stayed over and humped the woodfloor and then the tile...
    Frankco Frankco
    31-35, M
    2 Responses May 25, 2013

    Even when I feel angry

    or sad, whipping it out and slowly stroking it over a period of a few hours always brings my mood back!
    Privategyuyhere Privategyuyhere
    26-30, M
    1 Response Dec 3, 2015

    I think there is nothing wrong doing it,

    as far as your health is concerned! You can do it twice or even more than that in a day! Keep pleasuring yourself and your partners too!
    pleasuretobehere pleasuretobehere
    26-30, M
    4 Responses Apr 3, 2016

    Who needs

    st777 st777
    26-30, F
    8 Responses Jul 13, 2014

    Watching Each Other **********.

    I have been single for 8 years, and I just had enough of the rate race, so I started looking for videos of men ************, because I like to watch while I do it too, and I found this site, I just love it because it's...
    StepXanie StepXanie
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Oct 11, 2013

    OMG I think I stroked my skin completely off of

    it! The wife's catalog arrived today. LOL
    PalmBchFLguy PalmBchFLguy
    46-50, M
    1 Response Jan 22, 2016

    One Way Or The Other.

    I used to ********** quite often when I was in mid-teens but lately i don't do it as much as i used to do it before. Before I used to just use my hands to do it but ever since I bought my Vibrator, I am a regular toy user. And besides since I don't wanna lose my Virginity before...
    Shakili Shakili
    26-30, F
    7 Responses Apr 10, 2013

    I really do! I started ************ at a young

    age, 12 or 13, and really enjoy it. I pleasure myself almost daily as I'm not getting any sex from my wife. It's the only way I can have some fun!
    oldergentleman49 oldergentleman49
    66-70, M
    5 Responses May 27, 2015

    Touching Me Touching You!!!

    I don't see anything wrong with ************, why you ask??? Well if you can't please yourself how do you expect to telly your partner, what you like or don't like.. not to mention it increases the length of you orgasmns, you can teach yourself new tricks, and its' quite healthy...
    cooki66 cooki66
    51-55, F
    6 Responses Oct 11, 2013
    Gambler715 Gambler715
    51-55, M
    1 Response Dec 12, 2015

    Oh yeah I'm at it now

    and just got a message from my wife telling me she's going out for dinner with her friends but is coming home first. That's nice you say and I aggree because she said to be hard when she gets home and she will give me a hand job before he goes. Mmmmmm
    deleted deleted
    Oct 22, 2015

    of course it is - these people

    who preach doom and gloom are idiots. Any sexual practice is healthy. Damn fools.
    teebeegee teebeegee
    61-65, M
    Dec 14, 2013

    When I do the act, it's not

    because I'm just horny... It's to sate a more basic, primal side of me. I do not enjoy the fact I perform this act, as I see it as a nuisance. But neither will I be ashamed. I ********** to help me focus, relieve stress, or to provide distance between me and someone else (do...
    Arr762 Arr762
    22-25, M
    Jul 13, 2014

    Wanking Naked In The Garden

    Last summer after taking a shower I put my robe on and sat in the garden. The sun was out and I started feeling horny, our garden isn't overlooked but if the neighbours wanted to look they can see in fairly easily. I took my robe off and started to slowly **** my hardening...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Mar 19, 2013
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