I Believe Mother's Milk Is Best For Babies

According to UNICEF, if infants worldwide were fed only mother's milk for their first six months, at least 1.3 million lives a year would be saved 502 People


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    All 3 of my kids were breastfed,

    not only was it the best start in life i could give them but it also helped me get back in shape quicker. Of course breast is best,thats what we have them for,i didn't even consider bottle feeding my kids.
    foreverinblue foreverinblue
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    1 Response Mar 10, 2014

    For babies and only babies.

    I will be breastfeeding my baby when he gets here. Maybe not as long as my first child. But enough to keep him healthy. I refuse to share breastmilk with anyone else.
    Singlemother78 Singlemother78
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    Feb 28, 2016

    When I get pregnant I will only breastfeed.

    No formula for my babies! I'm not sure how long I would want to breastfeed for but i don't have a problem with extended breastfeeding. :)
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    I Know It Is.......

    Breast milk is superior for babies, but in my case, it's not just a good choice, it's the only responsible one. On May 3rd, I gave birth to a 29 week old baby. He weighed just over three pounds, and before I ever held him, he was hooked up to monitors, oxygen, IVs, and all...
    intrepidtraveler intrepidtraveler
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    *snicker Snicker*

    I thought about becoming a part of this group bcause it had a boob in it.  Ha, shows you how mature I am!  Plus, I can be a baby sometimes ;D
    XCRevolution XCRevolution
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    Breastfeeding God's Way

    God's plan for women is to be nurturers in the home and nurturers in society. When do we start nurturing? At the moment of conception. As soon as we know there is life within our womb, we should begin nurturing and loving the developing baby. Once the baby is born, we begin...
    LoveIsJesusChrist LoveIsJesusChrist
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    3 Responses Sep 9, 2011

    Why African Babies Don't Cry

    This not my personal story. My sister-n-law sent me this story because she does the same with her third child right now. And she knows it will encourage me since Its what I plan on doing for my son Joshua and any other blessings God gives me. I hope to encourage other women to do...
    LoveIsJesusChrist LoveIsJesusChrist
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    I Believe

        i believe that mothers milk is what is best for babies . formula is good and all but it can i have heard make a baby less healthy and fattier than what doc's recommand . i hope that when me and my fiance' have a child i hope that she breasts feeds our son / or...
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    3 Responses Oct 27, 2009

    Yes, only for babiessssssss

    and not for me lol I was very curious when I was in my teens and asked mum to let me try... Ewwwwwwwww PS. Taste of Love in Liquid state
    whyacinth whyacinth
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    absolutely....my son was breastfed

    for quite a while...first few months straight from the *** then for another few months she extracted and we took turns. The most natural thing in the world and still there are people who get offended when a woman feeds in public...a *** IS FOR FEEDING, it is NOT a sexual organ...
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    1 Response Dec 21, 2015

    The World Has Evolved-Actually it isn't

    and people need to quit touting that,because there's NOTHING wrong with scientifically created enchanced infant formula. Plenty of mothers don't nurse and their babies are just fine. Mine were. Neither my son or daughter wanted to nurse. They both only wanted my breasts to grab...
    StartingOver69 StartingOver69
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    1 Response Jun 17, 2015

    Breast Is Best

    I support breast feeding anytime anywhere. I plan on breast feeding my son for at least two years, possibly even longer I will allow him to self wean. Here are some lactation facts you may not know of: 1.Human milk has over 300 ingredients, including interferon, white blood...
    LoveIsJesusChrist LoveIsJesusChrist
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    1 Response Aug 29, 2011

    I totally agree mother's milk is better

    than bottled milk for babies. I am in my 40s and have been breastfeeding a long time and truly believe my milk is so much better for my kids and it is a great time for boding together as well.
    birthdaypartyforme birthdaypartyforme
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    Apr 2, 2014
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