I Believe That If Life Is What You Make It

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    Life Is What You Make It!

    Life is what you make it....you drive the car, no one else does, so where ever you sterr it, your in control, no one else. If you make it sad and down, then you have to change it, no one else can. That is the one thing in this world we have total control over...is our lives, how...
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    Nov 10, 2010

    No Bigger Untruth Was Ever Spoken

    This is one of the  most infuriating phrases in the English language and the most untrue (feel free to refer to my stories in the group i am a victim and not the least bit ashamed of it for a blow by blow account of why this is NOT true...
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    17 Responses Aug 18, 2009

    Life Is Like a Box of Legos...

     Whoo!!!! First Story!!!!!     Life is like a box of legos, and by that I mean you have all these pieces coming your way and its up to you take make something great out of it. However I don't think that a lot of people see it that way anymore. Most people in the...
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     if you go through life with a good attuide and a postive thinkingness you will enjoy life! I've noticed when I stay postive it's when I feel the greatest! it's just such a good feeling to make the choice to enjoy life instead of hate it.  because life is all choices...
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