I Believe the Answer to Death Lies Within Our Birth

To know what happens next we need to go back. 13 People

    To Understand Death We Need to Go Back.

    Lets face it, death is generally a mystery to most of us and the majority of the time we don't want to think about it. This is somewhat to be expected since we have got so use to living and enjoying it we really don't want it to end. But what is death exactly. There are so many...
    wombatism wombatism
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    Death Happensl

     When you die your soul is free and always...It is all times and formless emotionless but still real....Time loses meaning when you die and so does everything else...But you live on for eternity even if eternity lasts only a second....You live as you always are
    GreatCthulhu GreatCthulhu
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     Here is a quote i feel is relevant to this group:"I speak of another plane of existence -- it is here, and yet it is not. We Necromancers call it the Dead Lands. When we are born into this world, our souls leave the dead lands and come here, and when we die, they return...
    jerrychap jerrychap
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