I Believe the Greatest Gift of All Is Unconditional Love

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    I Will Survive !!!!!

    I was in a 9 year relationship where i gave unconditional love . Which i was taught God is love and love never fails. So i was a strong woman who loved a man no matter what along with his 3 kids. He was a good dude at 1st but then he became a very selfish person not giving me...
    Keshacole Keshacole
    36-40, F
    Jul 27, 2011

    Unconditional Love

    Many people say that their pets teach them about unconditional love by loving them. To me, my pet taught me that I could love unconditionally. I loved my dog.  She had gotten to the point where life was full of pain.  It was time to go to the vet... other family members were...
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    1 Response Jun 27, 2010

    Love Just Loves

    I'm going to write a part here some quotes of Neale Donald Walsh who inspired me with his books about what love really means.  “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” "Perfect love is to feeling what perfect white is to color. Many...
    AngelicLights AngelicLights
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jun 28, 2010


    No matter what they say or do, the love you bear for them is true. It's not romantic or erotic. It's liberating. It's freedom. It's unbiased. It does not discriminate. It does not keep account of the injury. Endures to the end of time and beyond. Mothers, Brothers, Sisters...
    DieKatzeSchreibt DieKatzeSchreibt
    Aug 12, 2011

    Something I have never had in life

    and don't think I ever will. I feel like death is the only way I'm ever going to experience it and that's why I have been questioning my worthiness on this earth. I feel that I am or worth it to any one. My parents do t love me unconditionally, I've been lied toon relationships...
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    2 Responses Feb 17, 2016

    Im not very old i realise this but,

    I'm in a LDR with my Boyfriend, and he lives in Denmark and i live in England and i miss him like hell, sometimes I cry because i know he's not always physically there when i need a cuddle and stuff like that really, but even so, i love him to peaces and i believe that even...
    FayeAndMerlin FayeAndMerlin
    18-21, F
    Jun 7, 2014

    Greatest Gift Of All Is Unconditional Love

    Unconditional love can come from a pet such as a pet cat. Good when you have no one else.
    aquarius3 aquarius3
    Dec 8, 2011
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