I Believe the Purpose of Life Is to Be Happy

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    The Purpose Of Life

    The purpose of life,So I believe,To be happy,Help people,Enjoy life,'Cos if you don't,It's a long dark road.
    startinover1 startinover1
    Apr 13, 2012

    Among Helping Others Reach The Same State

    I believe the purpose of life is sharing existence with all, creating a sustainable world in which everyone can learn to find true happiness. This is not only for the individual, but for the whole. We have a collective power to create our reality according to what we believe it...
    Anitcha Anitcha
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 1, 2010

    Happiness is more than liking what you do

    and having all the new and most recent things. Happiness is something that needs to be tended to like a rose bush if you keep the bush healthy and clean it grows the right way. Trim the bush and don't let it get wild it would produce the sweetest smelling flower you will ever...
    RJ43 RJ43
    46-50, T
    1 Response Feb 25, 2014
    lynarcher lynarcher
    36-40, F
    May 9, 2014


    If you aren't happy then you aren't living properly. Life is all about exploring and making friends and loving and sharing and marking your place in the universe, and if you're crushed under depression or stress then you just aren't living. I know I always feel more alive when I...
    heelsoverhead heelsoverhead
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 19, 2009
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