I Believe The Teachings Of The Giant Badger

Heed his words, and the blessings of the Holy Hideout will surely descend upon you! 23 People

    Celebrity Badgerists

    Every day, it seems that another celebrity converts to Badgerism, and starts spreading the Good Word of His Most Exalted Excellency, the Glorious and Most Magnificent Giant Badger.In case any of you are curious, I've compiled a list of some of the better known celebrities who...
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    I recently answered a number of questions that were posed by a non-Christian in the "I Am Christian" Group. I invite you to visit this thread, but I will also post these responses below, for any who do not wish to make the journey.*****I would be happy to answer your questions! I...
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    Not To Be Confused With The Great Honey Badger

    Honey badger don't give a ****. I'm not sure which ancient script that came from. It was not, however, 2nd Monnasthasees 40:17.
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    As you all surely know, scholars have been completely unable to disprove that the Giant Badger did ever not walk upon the face of this very earth, some 13,000 years ago. Some claim that the Giant Badger was not Divine, but surely, He was, for did not He Himself not say, in 2nd...
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    The Rise And Fall Of Clilli The Wrathful (Featuring Lobster Hand Christ)

    I will begin by stating that there are surely many gaps in this tale. The details are numerous, and the mechanisms at play, as well as the sheer intricacy of the narrative, strain the human mind's ability to process them. I do believe though that archeologists have unearthed...
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