I Believe You Can't Teach Passion

For Those Who Believe That Passion Can Only Be Self Taught 25 People

    Life & My Dad

    I guess I've been through my own share of **** that life comes with. Pain, suffering, confusion, addiction, rejection, etc. I've had minor drug abuse issues, my dad is very sick, financial issues, I hate seeing anyone I love in distress or any form of pain. And the last few years...
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    Nov 6, 2011

    A Class By Itself

    You can't teach passion, you may be able to rob someone of their innocence but you cannot teach passion. The classroom was such an appropriate picture for what I am trying to get at here. Here's the problem with 'teaching passion'. Teach someone passion and grow up knowing only...
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    5 Responses Oct 24, 2009

    No Pupils & Students Mean No Teachers & Professors

    More often than not , I encounter the words ”LESSONS , TEACHINGS , TEACH …” hundreds of times when I read other EP’s members life stories . Does it mean that they are teaching me or they are my teacher or there exists any “classroom &ldquo...
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    Oct 25, 2009
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