I Believe You Gotta Laugh to Keep From Crying Sometimes

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone. 503 People


    “At some point, I had to start laughing, because I was all wrung out from crying.” - Julie Metz, Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal and Renewal
    RedDust RedDust
    41-45, F
    Nov 25, 2012

    Happy St. Patties Day To Miss Giggles And The Northern Lassies Down South!!!

      did ya catch the Moral of the Story!!!    I hear the Ladies there are... um  unique Think of it this way, no matter how bad you let yourselves go, your Still the HOTTIES!!!   Though I know eventualy you all have to sing this on to your neighbors!!!
    CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
    13 Responses Mar 17, 2011

    cabo san lucas mexico Paradise has lost a lot

    of its glitter. We had planned on retiring to San Lucas, and the move has been hell. Lot or stolen furniture, paintings, clothes, kitchen wares, have made me cry. We had a house build in a gated community close to the shore line. The house sets on a Zero lot line, in other...
    Shelia4all Shelia4all
    46-50, F
    1 Response Feb 20, 2015

    No More Tears

    I joined this group as soon as I saw it.  I feel completely at home here.  So I'm not such a happy go lucky kinda chick all the time.  That doesn't mean I want to wallow in how awful some stuff in my life is.  I'd rather be happy, having fun.  Maybe that...
    SeriouslySappy SeriouslySappy
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    14 Responses Jul 2, 2009

    Omg I Found Siobhancaitlin's Next Date!!!!

    Ok girl, get ready, this guy luuuuuv's NASCAR and is just ripe for the pickin' =D  He's obviously a health nut so you will get along great, and he won't lie to his Meemaw.  Woweeeee, what a catch!! **skips away happily humming the theme from Deliverance**
    giggles4488 giggles4488
    56-60, F
    34 Responses Mar 17, 2011

    Wisdom In Laughter

    There's actually a lot of wisdom in this group's title.Joseph Campbell said:"Tragedy is the shattering of the forms and of our attachment to the forms; comedy, the wild and careless, inexhaustible joy of life invincible. "http://www.drama21c.co.kr/writers/campbell/hero...
    Dee67 Dee67
    41-45, F
    Mar 16, 2011

    So True

    Without a sense of humor, I'd most likely have been committed by now.
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
    36-40, F
    Mar 8, 2010

    =d Smile.

    I completely agree with the idea of trying to laugh and stay positive to keep from crying and sinking into depression. I have had alot of difficult things happen throughout my life, and have been surrounded by many individuals who were depressed. I used to be extremely moody and...
    BEXX07 BEXX07
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 5, 2010

    Omg, Look What I Found!

    Reeeeeeeece!  Get your Awesome Aussie Celtic butt in here and take a look =D  This is sooooo you!Hahaha, I think I see my monkey butler dancing in that lineup :)  Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!!Ooooh, Miss Cheeky, where are you???  Don't think I left you out....Omg, do you...
    giggles4488 giggles4488
    56-60, F
    13 Responses Mar 16, 2011

    I Need A Laugh Now.

    I really need a laugh right now. I'm on the verge of tears. How can I be fine and in a good mood one moment, have my grandmother call, and be brought so down so low after talking to her? I just want to break down. It's not the fact that talking TO her made me sad. It's some...
    DietIcedTea DietIcedTea
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Nov 27, 2009

    The Wheels On The Bus. Or Thwap!! Thwap!!

    I have a Fantasy I would like to share with the fine fine folks of EP. Young ones or those with a soft constitution may wish to stop reading now. Where was I...? oh yes my Fantasy! (Que Music : Bow Chica BOW WOW) Door bell rings :*ding dong* Who is it?????? It's Pizza DEWD...
    CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
    14 Responses Nov 20, 2010

    How I Get By

    Instead of going to therapy or something I live in denial, hide behind comedy and take everything in stride. (Or so it appears) Every once in a while though I break down...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 16, 2013

    This Is For My Mum And Aunties =)

    I know you guys are going through a rough time now with the Crazy Italian Mama right now. But we all know Old Italian Ladies live for 100 million years (I never thought anyone was older then Giggles4488 hehehe), and I am sure she is going to be fine and chasing you around with a...
    TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
    26-30, M
    16 Responses Apr 24, 2011

    I Laugh When I Get Hurt.

    The other day, I tripped and hurt myself infront of a few of my friends and a ton of people I didn't know. It hurt really bad, and I was bleeding in several places, but I just sat up and started laughing. I feel like I always laugh things off to keep myself...
    09anthla 09anthla
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 2, 2009

    Works in my favor. Laughing at my misfortune.

    Better than sulking in the corner like Eyore.
    deleted deleted
    Feb 21, 2015

    It's my secret. When I feel like crying I just

    laugh. Sometimes It never works........
    reddressed reddressed
    22-25, F
    Mar 11, 2014

    Do not take life too seriously.

    You will never get out of it alive.
    deleted deleted
    Mar 15, 2016

    Dance At Least Once ...

    It is hard to keep smiling sometimes, when everything seems to be falling apart.  In my job, I see a lot of people who are distressed in some way or another.  Working in a law office it's inevitable that some clients will have a lot of troubles, that's usually why...
    womaninbliss womaninbliss
    51-55, F
    13 Responses Jan 4, 2010


    My family is still young, and going through problems. I have a loving but jobless boyfriend, a love-blind best friend, and a three year old daughter.. Out of all of them, I'm the one that works. And cleans, cooks, does laundry, pays rent, etc. At the moment, I'm the rock of the...
    StrippedxPride487 StrippedxPride487
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Aug 17, 2011

    If Life Insurance Was Like Auto Insurance?

    I lent out my car only to have it end up demolished. When dealing with the insurance co. It dawned on me. WTF I pay insurance why are they being such ****** about giving me what is rightfully entitled to me. If I die my hairs get exactly what I am insured for.. but my car...
    CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
    6 Responses Jan 8, 2010

    I am constantly fighting a war.

    I believe all of us are. The continuous struggle between logic and emotion. I usually side with logic... but I don't always win. Sometimes my emotions are so strong and so overwhelming, that I can't help but have an emotional outburst. That is when I lose the battle. All I can...
    Lullacus Lullacus
    22-25, F
    Jan 25, 2014

    It's Not Funny

    When one of my friends is going through something rough, I have been known to crack a joke about it, try to get a laugh out of them.  It doesn't mean I don't realize that the situation is a serious one, it is just that I believe that if you can laugh about something...
    HeavenBesideYou HeavenBesideYou
    41-45, F
    8 Responses Jul 23, 2009

    Bridges For Trolls

    Yes it has come to my Attention that we have homeless trolls here at the kingdom of EP. For only Points a day, you can save these unfortunate trolls hours of fruitless searching. It is a well known fact these trolls will spend hours and hours,  looking high and low through out...
    CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
    11 Responses Mar 25, 2011

    Bizzare Pet Names Or Ouch My Tooth!!

    Now right off the bat I know you are wondering about the title. I honestly I don't blame you. You will however, have to continue wondering just a tad longer, not too long I promise. I have to give a bit of a disclaimer. I am not one who can tolerate pain medication very well...
    CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
    24 Responses Jan 19, 2011

    Set The Scene....

    It's a sweltering day  and the villagers have gone quite mad from the heat.  They are SURE it's those strange women who have funny accents and look too dayum good for their age that brought on the humid, crappy weather and they set out to put a stop to their suffering...
    giggles4488 giggles4488
    56-60, F
    46 Responses Mar 17, 2011
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