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    No Place Like Home?

    i am home from the hospital, stay number two, and it was a mistake. i should have stayed another week or forever. my family still doesn't get it. all they do is take take take. they don't even see that i have nothing left to give. i hate my life and everything in it. i will keep...
    obleena1963 obleena1963
    46-50, F
    Apr 4, 2011

    What Is Real?

    I have bipolar with psychotic manic episodes. I've been having flash backs of what I did, said and experienced. There was so much that seemed so real. All 5 of my episodes over the last 8 years revolved around me being put on this earth to save the world. And each time I was...
    travlngrl travlngrl
    May 30, 2013


    I had a question for anyone who wants to answer, I was wondering if you had long phase of depression before a new euphoric phase? I have mostly always been really up and down ,with terrible mood swings... and I remember also that when I had such a euphoric phase it would clearly...
    PoemofRain PoemofRain
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jun 20, 2012

    And when do you tell your new

    boyfriend/girlfriend that you are bipolar? I'm not going to blurt it out right away, that usually goes as good as a loud fart, and they will probably never get to know you. I will wait until before things get serious, like before getting intimate, then they will get to know you...
    Golondrinas Golondrinas
    56-60, M
    1 Response Aug 15, 2015

    I'm Bipolar, And I Finally Told Everyone By Posting A Message On Facebook...

    The National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) had a walk in Austin this weekend to raise awareness of how many people suffer from and are subject to stigma because of mental illnesses. My cousin is also mentally ill. She is younger and was just diagnosed, so her direct...
    InAustinTx InAustinTx
    41-45, M
    1 Response Oct 2, 2013

    These last couple of days have been the worst

    of my life, I found a lump in my underarm, I was worried but enough to go to the doc, but not that much. Cancer goes in my family, but I mean I'm 21.. I didn't seriously think of it. My sister yelled at me and called me a bunch of things for worrying enough to even go to the doc...
    lily449 lily449
    22-25, F
    Mar 27, 2015

    Learning Mania All Over Again

    New suppressed mania with antipsychotics, before the fun began for months of no sleep, endless drinking, sex, drugs....social butterfly. Now medicated its like a bomb trying to detenate without oxygen to light the fuse. Still crazy and racing but too tired to do anything. Balls.
    deleted deleted
    May 27, 2013

    My Story

    My story is so very very long, So i will spare who ever is reading this with the nasty details. I guess ill start with whats been going on in the last few months. The easiest way to start is by explaining how my family left. I moved to the bay area with my mother and sister when...
    cbailey89 cbailey89
    1 Response Feb 24, 2013

    The Great Stumble

    As I am writing this, I am slowly coming down from what feels like a very anxiety fueled,depressed,almost panicked state of mind. I felt so out of control that I just turned to my iPad after successfully getting my daughters to bed,without showing them any trace of what turmoil I...
    Greathope Greathope
    26-30, F
    Aug 17, 2012

    I've not been diagnosed with bipolar disorder

    but I think I am. just 20 minutes I felt sad and wanted to die and now I feel pretty good. Not happy but i'm not sad.
    thatgirlsophia thatgirlsophia
    22-25, F
    Oct 15, 2014

    Never Sure If Its Real Or An Illusion.

    Does anyone ever feel like your life is not real? Who your with, the stumble upstairs to get coffee before work, the makeup I put on to hide the confusion. Or is this how its supposed to be,at this very moment? I wonder if its bipolar me, or, me...me. the only time I feel real...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 27, 2013

    Is the Story Valid For You Guys? Need Some Feedback

    Hey guys, I am a grad student who is trying to create a public campaign to make people understand bipolar syndrome and people who have it better in order to eliminate/fight with the stigma. I just revised my storyboard and in the stage of needing feedback from who ever have the...
    Niplus777 Niplus777
    26-30, M
    Nov 17, 2008

    I have Bipolar & PTSD,

    and also I women I love! It is really hard to deal with a person with bipolar. My girls mood swing are all over the place and temper is worst, but even thought I have to deal with a lot. I still love her and try my bet to deal with her mood swings, even thought at times I feel...
    111888my 111888my
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 29, 2014

    Modest Mouse Said It Best

    Trying to drink away the part of the day That I cannot sleep away.
    deleted deleted
    Apr 11, 2013

    Sharing My Struggle

    After my revelation last night I shared my story here. As I was finishing my confessional entry my fiancé was walking in the door,home from work. Knowing that he had a long day ahead of him, I wanted to wait until a more opportune moment to talk to him about what has been going...
    Greathope Greathope
    26-30, F
    Aug 18, 2012

    Me Manic

    i've been going thru a manic episode for the last two days and i feel alone . i'm living with my friend at the moment and she is studying the medical feild so she knows more about bipolar then most other people and she says she understands but i don't think that true. she knows...
    tashakay tashakay
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

    Hospital Gig

    i am in the hospital this week. i have been off meds since september and now i am back on "the cocktail". i really hate meds but i guess i will have to do it for now. my family is supportive but really it is up to me to make myself better. i now realize i had fallen into a...
    obleena1963 obleena1963
    46-50, F
    Mar 26, 2011

    Please Help...i Dont Know Anymore..hurtful

    This is really hard to explain because there is so much too say and its so hard to put into words and figuring out how to explain it in a way people will understand. I have a boyfriend whom I live with for the past almost 3 years. It has been a very very bumpy ride. We have been...
    women8529 women8529
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Oct 3, 2011
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