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    I come out, to my mum telling her Iam Gay.

    She was very mad at me saying I should stop saying it that she didnot want her friends and the people round her to findout I should stop begin gay she hate anything like gay,I most not let anyone hear or know this that she can never never have a gay son,Iam in a dark world
    Princekingdeba Princekingdeba
    18-21, M
    Sep 19, 2015

    Well it's official. This morning I came out to

    my little sister, and she took it extremely well. She said she would always be there to love and support me, and she said that she knew God would love and support me too. So things went extremely well, and now I'm hoping I can keep strong and tell my parents later today too...
    therealjeric therealjeric
    18-21, M
    6 Responses Apr 10, 2015

    STORY IN COMMENTS I haven't sent out the latter

    yet, I will do it when I'm ready...... [[[[[waring, I talk about selfharm and use strong language, MAY BE TRIGGERING]]]]] {{{{{If you ever need someone to talk to I'm always here I've been there is all I know how it feels to be hated for who you are, it really sucks,xxxxxx. I...
    SpideyKid1999 SpideyKid1999
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Jun 7, 2015

    Best day ever just came out to my sister I feel

    as if a boulder had been lifted ❤️❤️
    deleted deleted
    Aug 2, 2015

    Was kind of forced to come out to my mother

    when my sister screamed to my mom "YOUR DAUGHTERS BISEXUAL" during a debate -_- wasn't the best response when my mother told me to hide my love life till shes dead, but I know she was just mad at the moment. Still feel like I can't be COMEPLETELY open with my family, but I'm...
    killerkris killerkris
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 7, 2014

    I came out day before yesterday to my mom tho I

    didn't want to . She accepted and told me that she'll always be there for me and I couldn't control my tears . I'm was happy but started crying hysterically coz I got so emotional .As we were talking my brother walked in on us and asked why i was crying and I didn't tell him...
    shriss shriss
    22-25, F
    Mar 13, 2016

    Everything has gone to ****

    because of it. Lost my gf. Relationship with my parents is shot. Don't wanna go back to school. Who wants to pack up with me and my $300 and run around throughout the USA train hopping or hitch hiking
    mmhernandez11 mmhernandez11
    22-25, F
    Aug 30, 2015

    I've always known I was gay

    since I was a little kid. Unfortunately I wasn't proud until I actually came out. The first person I came out to was my mom, but she knew it already. She caught me watching gay **** so she asked me if I'm gay, and I said yes. Then a few weeks later I told a couple girls at...
    Jakebrum Jakebrum
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Nov 1, 2014

    I came out to my older sister sister yesterday

    that I was gay. I also came out that I started dressing as a women. They were not suprised by what I told them. They told me when I was younger they use to dress me in there old dresses while mom was at work. When I came home from college for spring brake with a guy. They new...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 19, 2015

    I came to my family when I was 17

    and was one the hardest things I had ever done. I had been dating my girlfriend a couple of weeks and my parents had no idea I was dating a girl. I kept it a big secret because I was afraid of what they would say. One night before going out with my girlfriend waiting in the car...
    kimkeller kimkeller
    31-35, F
    Dec 7, 2015

    If any of you guys read my story,

    you would know I'm transgender, and my mom does not support me.. Well today I was sick of binding who I am so I wrote a status, very simple one to. It said,"my sex doesn't match my gender.... finally able to say it..." Omg I'm getting to much love. No hate at all.:D I'm so happy...
    SpideyKid1999 SpideyKid1999
    18-21, M
    Jul 6, 2014

    My coming out story is something I don't really

    like talk about often. It's mostly a blur anyway. My mom and grandparents aren't as religious as some, but I have never seen them react the way they did when I came out. I had just turned 14 when I was at my cousins one night. I couldn't stop thinking about how I was going...
    austingray austingray
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Jan 5, 2014

    COMING OUT TO MY CLASS It was already a

    terrible semester, I had slipped up my friends had suspicions of me being gay because they had seen light photos on my phone, mostly of male underwear models. They would come up to me and ask me if I was gay I would look at them as if they were crazy and say no. Then it got bad...
    kstewart20 kstewart20
    22-25, M
    Mar 22, 2015

    As of recent my mother ripped me out of the

    closet. She was getting anger during it. I think she was because she was jealous that I came out voluntarily to my dad first. Previously I was 100% ok with being bisexual. I have a ton of LGBT friends and a lot of people have been accepting of my sexual preference. Feeling...
    Braecridhe Braecridhe
    26-30, F
    Aug 7, 2015

    I remember coming out last year,

    people, except for a few ********, took it well. People are using the right pronouns and name. I'm still debating about moving to the school my best friend moved to. My practically everything. But then I'll have to come out to the teachers. Either way, I'm just thankful nobody...
    FoxonJr FoxonJr
    70+, T
    Aug 24, 2015

    A year ago today, I came out to my best friend

    who's name is Christina, she was extremely supportive and I will never forget that moment that made me feel like a huge Weight had been lifted off my shoulders... It was later that same month that I came out to my family, and then in August that I came out to my other close...
    C06122014 C06122014
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jun 12, 2015

    So in the spirit of national coming out day ima

    share the story of how I came out... (I know I'm a little late aha) Anyway... I sat down with my mum and asked for her full attention. I was so worried about what would happen I was shaking. I got out my phone and it went a bit like this... Me; so... These are my crushes *shows...
    ImBatmanShhh ImBatmanShhh
    18-21, T
    Oct 13, 2015

    Well, up to this point only 2 people knew I was

    gay. Today I had school off because of the subzero temperatures we had, though my parents still had work, so I had the house to myself all day. Somehow, with some convincing of one of the friends I already told, I found the courage to tell 3 more of my friends that I was gay (so...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jan 7, 2014

    Was A Goal, Now An Experience.

    I always kept the fact that I was bi a secret because of certain experiences in high school. I had no friends for 5 years, because no one wanted to associate themself with someone they heard about through rumours only. I barely spoke, though I was fine in academics, and tried to...
    lntel lntel
    3 Responses Jul 27, 2011

    Fortunately for me I had a very easy coming out.

    I told 20 of my closest friends and got 100% support then I told my older sisters and parents and also got full love and support. I'm happy this as been a very happy and peaceful thing in my life. all my extended family don't know yet but I'm hopeful it will go just as smooth...
    youngadult18 youngadult18
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 3, 2015

    Not exactly, but kinda.

    Just now, basically. I will make the story shorter than it could be. First, I thought I was straight. Moreover, I thought I was Vary-Ai (straight people with bi tendencies who get sick if they try to kiss, date, or get intimate with anyone). Then, I dreamt a girl asked me out...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 30, 2015

    I came out about 2 years ago to my mom.

    She finished telling everybody for me. I don't regret a thing
    jerseyboy93 jerseyboy93
    22-25, M
    Oct 12, 2014

    Dear Daddy

    I am writing this letter because I don't know how else to express how I feel. I am gay. I am gay and proud of it. I have not always been able to admit that I was gay even though I knew I was gay for a really long time. In primary school I did not want to marry any guy. I...
    autumnsparrow autumnsparrow
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Aug 17, 2013

    Finally Came Out...sort Of

    After years of self-hatred, guilt, fear and loneliness I decided to come out to a friend of mine. She is one of my best friends from school. Anyway. this happened about a month ago when I went on holiday to London with this friend and a week earlier I told her that I was going...
    adrianm adrianm
    22-25, M
    9 Responses Feb 17, 2010

    My friends and family were all over celebrating

    my 17th bday which was 6 days ago but anyways they did it now cause my best friends and grandparents were out of town. So i kinda announced it loudly after blowing my candles when they asked what i wished for i said, "for everyone here family and friends to accept me for who i...
    helloyallhumans helloyallhumans
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Aug 31, 2015

    Coming Out

    I came out of the closet on July 3, 2013 as FTM transgender person. I wore my men's red shirt and shorts to the store. At first I worried about people would look at me funny or look at my pants and make comments that would embarrass me. But no one said a word. I received...
    noaht43 noaht43
    46-50, T
    8 Responses Oct 27, 2013

    Going to a Christian your always treated

    differently for being who you are, I remember the day this happened. January 17th 2012. It was on my final year of high school. Tensions were high, it was the year we all got to understand who we were going to be once we exited the school gates. But I did it, I came out.. I...
    KazzGoldfinch KazzGoldfinch
    22-25, M
    1 Response Jun 5, 2015

    Only a few months ago did I hear the word

    Agender. I didn't know there was a word to describe the way I felt. I decided to come out today but now there are so many questions that I need answered. :/
    ArthriticAssassin ArthriticAssassin
    18-21, T
    1 Response May 6, 2015

    Well I just told my mom

    that I'm gay and I like to dress and there is a guy I'm wanting to see and I feel so much better
    lowroller lowroller
    41-45, M
    Feb 23, 2016

    Whoopy whoop whoop!!!

    G'day people, long time no see. I haven't been on ep for such a long time. So I came out, well not to everyone, just my besties that's all. But, it's a good start. Trust me, I knew they were ok with it, because they are very accepting and they think gay couples are super...
    Gayvegetarian Gayvegetarian
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Apr 13, 2014

    Okay, so some of my friends have been asking

    for my coming out as pansexual to my family and friends so here you go.(I have a few stories) When I was 12 years old I I had this huge crush on tho girl. Her name was Katharine, she was the first person to turn me on. I was so confused I have never been horny before and no one...
    SpideyKid1999 SpideyKid1999
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 3, 2014

    This past Sunday I finally did it and,

    luckily, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My parents didn't say anything mean or bad and that surprised me, but also made me very happy. They went through the whole "you're just a teenager, you are still discovering yourself" thing, but they aren't against the idea...
    TaliaOswinQuinzel TaliaOswinQuinzel
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jan 30, 2014

    Hey guys my name is Aidan

    and I'm 15 and gay. Yesterday I cam out to my friend Corey that I was gay. He was a little surprised but was happy for me. Next I told my most trusted friend at my school and she didn't believe me at first but after 20mins she believed me and it feels great to finally tell...
    waytoonice waytoonice
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Jun 9, 2014

    On Saturday I finally came out to my mum,

    stepdad, and brother. So friday, mum asks me "do you like any guys? Or girls, I'm fine with that. The statistics are that 1 in 4 are gay, and I've got 4 kids so I'm just waiting to see who it is" she gives me a wink. I laugh, then say I don't like anyone. Then on Saturday, mum...
    loveyourselfalwaysxx loveyourselfalwaysxx
    16-17, F
    5 Responses Dec 24, 2014

    I came out to a certain group of friends.

    I told them just before school started at 5.44am, 22nd May. I came out as bisexual. I had a crush on a boy when I was about 7 and later on when I came into a girls school I had a crush on a few girls. As I had tuition, I had a crush on another guy. This was how I knew I was...
    anonymouslysleeping anonymouslysleeping
    13-15, F
    1 Response Nov 11, 2015

    So, I came out to one of my best friends a few

    days ago. He said he was against bisexuals and homosexuals (I'm bisexual) and that he didn't want to be my friend anymore. We argued a while, and he says he's changed his mind now and he's not against them. But I don't really believe that and even if I did I can't look at him...
    lememinger lememinger
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Jul 9, 2015

    What are the chances of me

    and my closest guy friend telling each other our biggest secrets in the same minute... So me and him were having a heart-to-heart one night (while being under the influence of beer and chick-flick movies) and we decided to say something we kept from each other, bcos I knew he...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Feb 19, 2014

    I came out to my parents yesterday.

    . It was hard for them to understand but I think they pretty much have it. My mom supports it while on the other hand my dad doesn't because he lectured me about it for 2 hours, but he still loves me.. It was a very Interesting experience. It may get back to normal but as of now...
    Antonice Antonice
    22-25, F
    12 Responses Jan 14, 2014
    r1ddl3r121 r1ddl3r121
    18-21, M
    Apr 10, 2015

    I told my mom, then the rest of my family

    when I started puberty, (couldn't stand what was happening to my body :-(. ). They said they already knew :-) Only bad part was I lost my best friend.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 20, 2016

    Forward: I was afraid of regection from my

    family... That fear bottled inside me until I was a depressed wreck. I struggled with for a long time, but when I was ready, things just happened and I found out that my family's love for me was stronger than their religious convictions.---------- (Start Backstory)  ...
    TK13 TK13
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Jan 11, 2015

    I came out at a late age - 57.

    Simply could not live a lie anymore. I've lost a lot: my home, two sons, grandson and some friends. Needless to say that the wife hates me now. Won't let go of the anger. We don't choose to be gay we are born this way. Why would anyone choose to be looked down upon as different...
    steverick steverick
    56-60, M
    1 Response Feb 8, 2016

    So I finally came out

    as lesbian. apparently my grandma already knew but she won't talk to about how she feels. I also came out on social media. so I don't know how my family is taking it. ??
    DontKnow2013 DontKnow2013
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jun 11, 2015

    it's a great feeling

    when finally after many years of being hide u accept yourself and stop caring about what others think, it feels like you are yourself and nothing else matters ;-) I must have to admit that a good friend helped me to take the strength I needed without she even notice it :)
    gtx007 gtx007
    31-35, F
    1 Response Sep 29, 2015

    Coming out is such a scary thing.

    Took me forever. Never told my folks abt it. They've died w/o knowing the real me. Came out to my friends, family after & they've accepted me w/o judgment. I'm thankful that they made me comfortable w my skin.
    hawksnravens hawksnravens
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Feb 1, 2016

    I came out last night i was drunk

    so i txt my mum saying im gay . I cried after i did it because i felt i wasnt ready . When i woke up i thought oh **** . I didnt get up till 13:00 because i was scared to speak to her about it . She came in my room and talked to me and asked me if it changes anything and i said...
    brettw11 brettw11
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Mar 9, 2014

    When I came out to my parents they said "yeah

    we've kinda known for a while" and when I told other people they were pretty much the same. I was dreading coming out but it really wasn't bad at all. It was easy for me but I understand it's difficult for other people. You shouldn't be afraid to come out though, people are...
    romanalanski romanalanski
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jan 14, 2014

    Hello everyone, Alyxander Skott here.

    I have already came out on Facebook not that long ago. I wrote a simple status saying "my sex doesn't match my gender" Some people understood what I was talking about, but most of them did not. Many people were still calling me female pronouns, so I decided to write one more...
    SpideyKid1999 SpideyKid1999
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jul 21, 2014

    I came out to my mom yesterday

    and she talked with my stepdad about it. It felt amazing to let that out and have her know. I told her this isn't going to change my day to day life I just thought she should know.
    Deez25nc Deez25nc
    31-35, M
    6 Responses Apr 1, 2016

    I came out a few years ago to my mom

    and now just came out to the rest of my friends and family. all but my step dad parents took it well. most of says they already knew.. they said I had lit interested in men and was checking out women. they have been okay with it and even want to meet my gf.. when I first came...
    Lookingupalways Lookingupalways
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 19, 2016

    I Did It! Well ... Partially ...

    To all my fav EPeeps on here that know my story of how I was completely closeted ....Well ... I finally took one giant step for me out of that closet :D I made myself a New years resolution to come out this year. I promised myself that I would tell my oldest sister when I came...
    Astory4supper Astory4supper
    22-25, F
    26 Responses Mar 12, 2011

    I finally came out to my mom about being

    bisexual. She asked if she was the last person to know- no- and when I 'decided on this' or 'knew'- high school. She then dropped the subject and hasn't brought it up since. I count this as a win considering there wasn't shouting or calling names and she didn't kick me out...
    shelbs2spencer shelbs2spencer
    22-25, T
    Jul 2, 2015
    romanalanski romanalanski
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Oct 23, 2014

    To My Brother

    I had already had to deal with people knowing at school, when i didn't want to, and since my brother was so close to me, because hes my family and like for me anyway, theres a diffrence between my school life, my online life and my family life, online i am more who i am inside...
    lmpulsive lmpulsive
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Jul 3, 2011
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