I Cannot Find The One

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    There's Always Somethin...

    So I met another guy who I kinda knew right off the bat wouldn't be "the one" b/c he was divorced with 2 kids.. but he was being real nice to me and clearly liked me, and I did find him kind of attractive, so I decided to at least give him a chance... maybe we...
    UnderneathThaStarz UnderneathThaStarz
    Oct 18, 2009

    I had a woman I met online about 3 months ago.

    We connected so well and everything was going so good, maybe too good, for 5 weeks. Everyone that saw us mentioned how much we were into each other. She wanted me to be honest with anything in our relationship so I mentioned one thing that was a concern to me. She mentioned she...
    wetbreastlover wetbreastlover
    51-55, M
    Dec 26, 2013
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