I Cannot Understand Cruel People

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    all day yesterday my ex was calling me

    and saying hurtful things. He has it in his head I am seeing someone which im not(not that it is his business anyway) still he told me that I am nothing but a hoe and that he never wanted children with me. He told me to find someone else to be their father. It crushed me...
    onlyhuman1 onlyhuman1
    26-30, F
    1 Response Aug 9, 2015

    Don't Have To Either

    I've been on EP for about 2 months. I've been on this earth for almost 40 years. It still baffles me how cruel people can be. One thing I've learned about people like this though...most are cruel due to serious mental issues, or because they themselves have been tormented in...
    SweetlyLingering SweetlyLingering
    70+, F
    1 Response Mar 2, 2012

    I Don't Understand

    I was cleaning up last night after a party and my room mate who can be very mean and cruel was really drunk puking on and in her bed was a mess, here is someone who I am not sure would give me a helping hand but instead of leaving here I cleaned up what i could got her some water...
    Starbuck82 Starbuck82
    31-35, F
    1 Response Mar 10, 2009

    Thank You!

    To these of you who laughed at me, Thank You.   Without you i wouldn't have cried. To those of you who just couldn't love me, Thank You.   Without you i wouldn't have known real love. To those of you who hurt my feelings, Thank You.   Without you i wouldn't have...
    MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
    56-60, F
    Aug 31, 2010

    IT'S a Brutal World

    This world has always been a pretty harsh place, and with things being as dire as they are right now, it's kind of easy to see how some people become twisted or detach from the OTHER reality, that of compassion and caring.  Some people don't have any love in their lives...
    jmuhjacat jmuhjacat
    1 Response Mar 5, 2009


    I have been in college studying child care all week and we were asked who was the person most likely to call social services because a child was not being cared for properly. We said neighbour, milkman, friend, family members. All were wrong. The answer was an ...
    Orangetas Orangetas
    51-55, F
    9 Responses Jul 3, 2008

    But,OMG I have met a few.

    I no longer have room for mean people in my life!
    The1960texan The1960texan
    51-55, M
    4 Responses Jan 13, 2016

    The Dark Side

    Last night I had one of those experiences I can't get out of my mind. It's the kind of thing that will give me nightmares for awhile. I needed to stop at the grocery store before I came home last night. I knew I was in trouble before I reached the end of the first aisle. I...
    SeriouslySappy SeriouslySappy
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Aug 26, 2010

    Life Too Short

    Life is too short to be unhappy. take everything as it happen for a reson. never regret the things happen. each days is a lesson. look and learn... life is too short to fight
    possitive possitive
    1 Response Sep 12, 2009

    Such Cruelty

    I am a victim of a stalker. She follows me all over the internet,gathers info from my personal blogs,then post that info for the world to read. She posts outright lies about me,defamed my Ford Mustang Community,threatens me,won't leave me alone. Demeaned my Mustang community so...
    glimmerized glimmerized
    41-45, T
    Feb 26, 2009

    i discriminate

    I can't stand cruelty, not against animals, nor against humans.  Neither do I understand the dark pleasures of cruelty.  I know that some people just enjoy to be mean and sadistic.  Let me say that I reject them insofar that the racism that's inside me is...
    moreandless moreandless
    56-60, M
    Feb 14, 2010

    Shocking and Sad

    I am a survivor of abuse and this makes me very sensitive to cruelty from others as well as aware of what comes out of my own mouth. I have absolutely no respect for people who engage in cruelty as I see it as a conscious choice and not something that can "just happen"...
    Victoria212 Victoria212
    1 Response Jul 23, 2009

    Just To Fit In.

    In eighth grade I moved to a very rural, redneck town. I met this guy as soon as I started going to school there. He was short, scrawny, and very obviously Middle Eastern. Being so soon after the September 11th attacks in such a narrow-minded place, he was an outcast. His...
    urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 13, 2011

    The Dao of Thumper

    My Mum always used to quote Thumper from Disney's Bambi when she was trying to teach us how to behave towards other people.  "If you can't say nuthin' nice, don't say nuthin' at all".  I think it's good code to live by.  I've never understood why some...
    Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Mar 30, 2009

    People Can Be Disgusting

     volunteering at an animal shelter, I've seen alot. You can always tell what ones have been abused by how they act, and sometimes even how they literally look. We've seen some with burned backs, amputated tails, cut off ears and all sorts.   i dont know what happened...
    thegirlwiththefatcat thegirlwiththefatcat
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

    Enough Is Enough!

    I have worked at an old country store for 6 mos. now. From day one this .... man who has worked there for "18" yrs took a disliking to me. He knew i was ....not your everyday worker. *smile* He has "tried" to **** me off to plain insults me most days, which i have hmmm turned the...
    MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
    56-60, F
    4 Responses Apr 1, 2011

    Toothless Wonder In A Trailer Park

    How can anyone be so shallow and cruel to say that to me! Number one.... i lost my partial plate in my housefire a few years ago. I have not had the money to replace my... teeth! Second.... living in a trailer park, WTF... am i to knee at your feet and praise you for living...
    MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
    56-60, F
    4 Responses Jun 12, 2011


    I just don't understand em... I mean do you get yourself up by putting others down? why NOT be a good nice person? stop being a jerk because you're not helping anyone. UHHHHHH
    BunnyOSummers BunnyOSummers
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Aug 13, 2009

    The Essence of Cruel People

    The reality is that cruelty of people usually stems from 2 places either an untreated or unmonitored physiological or other issue or what was done to the person now acting out in the world. There are the growing number of people with low level undiagnosed brain...
    tulick tulick
    31-35, F
    6 Responses Jul 4, 2008

    The Cruel People

    There will always be people who will hurt you by their words. There will always be people who will insult you in any way they can. There will always be people who will talk behind your back. There will always be people who will make you hate life. These people made us seek...
    callmegee callmegee
    26-30, F
    Oct 5, 2012
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