I Can't Commit to Any One Religion

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    Tried Being a Christian

      I used to be a Christian. But I knew it wasn't me. My friend has actually given up on a dream because of Christainity. Because she failed once she thinks "okay ...it's not God's plan I'll do something else" I was like umm what? If I fail at...
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    Meeting With Christ Returned

    why not belong to them all! - and more. become a child of the mystic universe. there has only ever been one true religion - eyernal in the past and eternal in the future. all religions are one in spirit - the same eternal christ has founded them all and a whole lot besides...
    mikeward62 mikeward62
    46-50, M
    1 Response Jun 3, 2009

    My Problem With Religions

    They're too interesting!  The more I found out about all the different religions and faiths, especially the obscure and ancient ones, the more I find myself saying "Well, yeah" and adding more to my, I guess you could call it 'repertoire of religion.' Right now...
    axelval axelval
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    None of Them Really "Fit"

    ~ All I know is what I've researched. I haven't found any "religion" that has everything that I believe in. So, I travel on this bumpy road called life without a spiritual map. It's okay though, I do know that I'm listened to & loved & perhaps at this time, that...
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    My overall problem with religions that are based around a God is the concept of infallibility. No God or Goddess worth their salt is going to condemn the horrific acts from the stoning of women to '*** bashing' and the shooting of abortion doctors. You can't tell me that a truly...
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