I Can't Control Matters of the Heart

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    The Heart Wants, What the Heart Wants....

    The heart wants, what the heart wants, and us has human beings, really don't have any control of it. We Love who we want, and we want who we want, without having any control over our emotional, and over what is going on. There have been many times, that I have wanted to hate...
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    1 Response Jul 23, 2009

    Put Me Together

    I've never fallen in love , I don't know what love is actually and that gives me the chills cuz I'm scared to die b4 I know true love
    troubleinblack troubleinblack
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jul 24, 2009

    The Broken Love Cup...... (short Story) (copy)

    THE BROKEN LOVE CUP   Cheryl often wondered why her grandmother has this broken cup in a little gold box in her small drawer, but never wanted to ask, in case it would upset her for some reason. However...
    Raindrop000 Raindrop000
    51-55, F
    7 Responses Mar 18, 2010

    The Space Between Friendship And Romantic Love

      *A Quote From, The Tao Of Zen The Space Between Friendship And Romantic Love:  "The space between friendship and romantic love is a very small space, and VERY few people find it. But it IS there nonetheless. If someone treats you as more than a...
    luvmc11 luvmc11
    46-50, F
    10 Responses Oct 18, 2009


    Loving is not controlling Loving is not possessing Loving is not grasping Loving is not being fearful Loving is not hoarding Loving is not limiting Loving is letting go Loving is giving Loving is limitless Loving is having Faith Loving is Trusting...  Loving is a Precious...
    luvmc11 luvmc11
    46-50, F
    4 Responses Nov 14, 2009

    Painful Love

    I had a good friend who helped me a lot and was there for me every time I needed hem For some reason I fund my self falling in love with hem . I am a strong women never been in a situation like this before Feeling so weak and helpless I know that it's almost impossible to for...
    Mody2012 Mody2012
    31-35, F
    Oct 3, 2012


    We are the inevitable slaves of our own emotions
    1PrincessKai 1PrincessKai
    46-50, F
    Mar 16, 2011

    Me And My Not So Intelligent Heart !!

    My heart rules me not my head but I am not ashamed of it...Although I  get into troubles because of this very reason but still I don't want to change myself...I am ready to live with my bitter sweet memories of falling in love rather than being wise and sensible to...
    Aliva Aliva
    36-40, F
    May 24, 2010

    Heart Rules ...

    It's impossible for my head to rule my heart.  It's probably not wise, nor sensible to be this way but my heart rules me, that's just the way I am.  Even though I can argue with myself that I know I'm being ridiculous or that I know I'll only get hurt in the end ... it...
    womaninbliss womaninbliss
    51-55, F
    16 Responses Jan 23, 2010


     I can't believe I fell for him. I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love with him because I had been hurt so badly before. We promised each other that we would stay as friends and that we would someday part. He even warned me that he can only hurt those around...
    Wasurenaide Wasurenaide
    18-21, F
    Jan 15, 2010

    Love Of My Heart..

    She is a joyous sunrise She is a peaceful sunset She is a magnificent symphony She is the passion of a raging ocean She is the compassion of an innocent child She is as free and wild as a tigress She is as tender as a newborn cub She is the glorious rainbow in every...
    luvmc11 luvmc11
    46-50, F
    12 Responses Sep 26, 2009

    If I Did, I Wouldn't Be In The Mess I'm In Now

    Even when you spend most of your life trying to avoid love as if it were a plague, it WILL catch you and have you at it's mercy.From there, love can either be kind to you and shower you with it's blessing.......or leave you broken and empty.You can never control who you end up...
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    3 Responses Oct 21, 2011

    Pieces Of The Heart

    I like to think of myself as an intellect. I try and think through every move I make in my life. I like to think of every move as an investment. That is who I am, to the core. Unfortunately not everything in my life really seems that way. I have made some strange choices and...
    Bunnielight Bunnielight
    26-30, F
    Nov 22, 2012

    In Front Of A Fireplace...

    I dream of nights like this..   Outside, it is a frigidly cold winter night.  Inside, the room is illuminated only by the soft, flickering glow of candlelight.  Under a cozy, comforter, you and I are snuggled near a warm fire that dances wildly in a...
    luvmc11 luvmc11
    46-50, F
    14 Responses Dec 21, 2009

    I Am the Unique Soul

    You are a unique creature.  You are here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.  You are nature's greatest miracle.  You are rare, and there is value in all rarity; therefore, you are valuable. You can...
    1Babe 1Babe
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Aug 1, 2009

    Cellular Love

    To me this is so ood , never happened b4 I started to talk wth this guy on the phone 4 hours about life music movies etc then we did somo texting we never saw each other face but our frienship came to a rael closeness I never felt b4 its been 3 weeks and I still don't know him...
    troubleinblack troubleinblack
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Jul 30, 2009

    I Am Not a Pacemaker...

    If I want someone, my heart beats wildly, I get dizzy and long to touch them. I love them and want them to see me. How and why should I control who I wish to be in love with? That's certifiable.
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Jul 23, 2009

    Pure Love Flow

    Please let the Love that flows from my heart be pure and selfless. Please take all toxic emotions such as jealousy, fear, envy, suspicion, selfishness, resentment, and feelings for retaliation from my heart so that I may love truly and completely.
    luvmc11 luvmc11
    46-50, F
    11 Responses Sep 4, 2009
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