I Carry a Weapon At All Times

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    I Don't Carry All the Time....

    When I travel in my Jeep,I have several weapons with me. There are a LOT of predators out there!    
    PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
    46-50, F
    12 Responses Jan 14, 2008

    I Carry At Least Three Or Four At A Time

    no true reason not over agressive they remain put away on my person but they are there and ready, a small knive that is often my work tool if need be a long reinforced wallet chain broken off and easy to curl around my fist or slap at someone with and finally a knife from 3 half...
    lordvolkhark lordvolkhark
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jul 28, 2011

    All the Time

    I am anxious about everything. Everywhere I go I carry one, I do because I see/hear so many reports of gangs and stabbings ect. Now I don't have access to guns (yet) I always carry weapons. When I have my bag it has 7 knives 4 types of different length chains a crowbar and...
    Metus Metus
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Nov 6, 2008

    I Have Carried A Weapon Since Age 12.

    when i was younger i carried a knife on me at all times. i still do. now i carry a ka-bar warthog with a tanto blade. i carried a 21'' asp baton in high school and keep one in my car now. now i carry (along with my knife) my glock 30 and 2 spare magazines for a glock 21.  i also...
    mosinman mosinman
    22-25, M
    3 Responses Jun 20, 2011

    Not Anymore

    I take almost nothing with me to work. i'm out there only between 8am and 10pm, i basically go rom work to the bus and from the bus to work. i don't even take my purse with me anymore in an effrot to leave as few unattended items in the break room. i can take care of myself most...
    AngelaDark AngelaDark
    31-35, F
    Dec 21, 2007

    A Couple

    i almost always got the brass knux on me-i was taught to never leave home without em.i occasionaly carry a stilleto knife,depends on where im going or what im doing.i used to carry a 9mm or a glock 40 with me everywhere i went,but i dropped outta the game and theres no reason for...
    GetMoney GetMoney
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 4, 2008

    Just In Case

    I've been in bad situations before, I'm not going to enter one again unprepared. I've kept a knife in my pure for years now, ever since I started carrying a purse. Any time I feel unsafe or have reason to feel unsafe I flip my jackknife open and either put it back in my purse in...
    AngelaDark AngelaDark
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Nov 24, 2007

    Yeah, Bro-ham!

    I carry two weapons! I call one righty and the other lefty. *kisses fists* They're my little fightin babies. I can take out a grown man with these things! Yeah, come at me bro! I'm game. Let's tussle! WHOOOOOOO- YAAAAAH!!!!!! *does awesome fighting moves and ***** Yeah. That's...
    Yoru Yoru
    3 Responses Jun 20, 2011


    All the men in my family carry them and they feel I should too, I just grew up with one and learned how to use it.  It creeps me out, though, truth be told, and I hate the thought of having to use it; but don't feel I can get rid of it just like that, so I am going to wean...
    NikkiNorris NikkiNorris
    51-55, F
    1 Response Mar 18, 2011


    I'm armed.. yeah got two of them. Dangerous? I'm in a try it and find out type of mood.. Want To Find Out?
    Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Aug 17, 2010

    Always Incase

    I always have my two knives on me. One is a small jackknife and other is more of a utility one. However when I go for a walk in the woods I always take my 357 and or 22 pistol with me, because hey you never know.
    TheCheese TheCheese
    31-35, M
    8 Responses Mar 12, 2008

    Not Seen Till They're Needed.

    I live in the non-city part of my community. It's not the city and not quite in the country. I'm often alone, either at home or going somewhere in the car, usually by myself. I have very few friends nearby and all my relatives have left me all alone. No telling what might happen...
    BrassSlinger BrassSlinger
    41-45, M
    Sep 13, 2011

    Carry A Weapon

    Carry a weapon,Yes,At all times,Double-cross me,Watchout,I'll use 'em,Yeah,My fists!
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    Aug 19, 2012

    All Run In Fear

    just cause you don't see anything on me doesn't mean i'm not armed. i usually have at least two weapons on me (even in the library so beware). MUHAHAHAHAHA. not to mention I AM A HUMAN WEAPON. i have got to start thinking before i write these things -__-
    CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Dec 21, 2010


    i have police-issue pepper-spray on my keychain. my work bought them for everyone who was interested from the local police station. and nice policemen came in and taught us how to use it. of course there are times when i don't have my keys with me, like, say, in the choir loft...
    journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Jan 14, 2008
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