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    I'm Still In The Battle

    It doesn't matter if Jesus knows I'm saved, its my thoughts saying you still have along ways to go buddy...But why? Because I'm eating your brain. yumyumyum..are you tempting me??? my shadow is Tempting me....I gotta run fast as i can..wait?I know! I can go into water!!! hahaha...
    NoLifeOnEP NoLifeOnEP
    22-25, M
    Oct 31, 2011

    Prayer Needed For Emergency

    The EP member Arava is having severe demonic attacks and needs a lot of prayer right now. She had a miscarriage a few days ago, and is being overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings. Please pray for her and tell your friends and your church to pray as well. She has been...
    VincentValentine VincentValentine
    31-35, M
    Dec 5, 2011

    My Saviour

    Jesus saved me 20 yrs ago. PTL daily..my life did a 360i would not want to live in this world without knowing my LOrd persoanally,i did for the 1st.30 yrs of my life and its scary when i look back to see where i was headed.Praise God he sought me just in the nik of time, or...
    debby848 debby848
    56-60, F
    1 Response Aug 11, 2011

    Husbands Other Kid

    So my husbands 18 yr old finally got his way after 11 yrs. looks like there is no other way but to divorce my husband. His kid interferes too much into our private life and alas my husband takes the kids side, he is an only child and he was 10 when i met him through my husband...
    debby848 debby848
    56-60, F
    Aug 13, 2011


    a nation that cannot accept the truth about JESUS  creating invisible thrones in the earth is a nation misguided by false leaders led to war in iraq by false leaders undr false pretenses. since then colossians 1 verse16 stop at thrones king james holy bible didnt change its...
    invisiblethrone invisiblethrone
    70+, M
    2 Responses Nov 13, 2009


    i know that one day my husband will be saved and that my kids will be healed from adhd so therefore i claim victory through jesus christ .
    marthatalley9 marthatalley9
    26-30, F
    Apr 22, 2012

    Victory Through Jesus Christ Is Unchanging

    A nation that cant accept the truth about JESUS CHRIST creating invisible thrones in the earth is a nation misguided by false leaders, led to war in iraq by false leaders under false pretenses.             ...
    invisiblethrone invisiblethrone
    70+, M
    7 Responses Nov 14, 2009

    Big Chief Cookacoohippie Invisiblethronerulerofnations

    big chief cookacoohippieis the invisible throne christ created ruler of nations christ spoke into being  pray for lake park baptist to become obiedient to serving GOD in their words and in their deeds Many years I dared not speak of the things CHRIST has wrought through me...
    bigchiefcookacoohippie bigchiefcookacoohippie
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Mar 17, 2010

    Because It Is His Will

    God's word gives me hope in times of trouble. It says that if I obey Him and His commandments that He will set me high above all nations of the earth. Blessed is my basket and my kneading bowl. My enemies will be defeated. Blessed is my coming and going. Blessed is my storehouse...
    lainee lainee
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Dec 13, 2007
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