I Conserve Water By Bathing Less

We're not filthy, we're helping the planet! 4 People

    Once A Year Whether It Needs It Or Not?

    I'm not a slob and I'm not [very] stinky. People bathe too often. If you're not using a low-flow showerhead you're probably using upwards of 25 gallons for every 10 minutes you're in the shower. I have hair down past my *** and it's gonna take me that long to wash and condition...
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    I Love Baths...

    Especially long ones.  Man, i could sit in the tub for hours upon hours either listening to Mike Jack, classical or gospel music, or reading a good book.  Sad thing is, the Earth's resources are impacted everyday by carelessness, and i don't want to add to the surplus...
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