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    My mom and dad have been making my life a

    living hell ever since they found out I was converting... I don't know what to do. I'm miserable here. All they do is put me down and make me feel bad about myself... I want to move out, but they are paying for my car insurance, health insurance, and my summer class which is...
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    Evidence from the JEWISH SOURCES: Talmud, b. Sanhedrin 43a: On the eve of the Passover Yeshu [Jesus] was hanged [or crucified]. ... Since nothing was brought forward in his favor he was hanged on the eve of the Passover. The Amoa "Ulla" (Ulla was a disciple of Youchanan and...
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    I found my faith in God

    when I converted to Islam..now I have to weather my conservative Christian family's disapproval and the reactions of my new fellow believers towards me which is mixed at the moment...long road ahead...but totally worth it when I think about how happy I've become
    naisherR naisherR
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    It's Mother's Day, me,

    my two brothers, and my mom went to an art show and then a carnival. At the carnival there were many women wearing hijab. My brothers noticed and I told them what it was called and that I thought they looked beautiful. They then began to make fun of the women and went on in...
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    Three days ago my mom said

    if I converted she would disown me. So I left home and when she asked why I said I'm not coming home till you apologize and promise to stop saying terrible things about Islam or my boyfriend, which she does often, she still will not apologize or agree to stop being cruel. :(
    Abbiehijabi Abbiehijabi
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    I just got back from a graduation party

    for my best friends older sister. My best friend kept trying to pressure me into drinking. Even though I am not converted yet officially I want to start changing things now.... My best friend also expressed that she doesn't want me to convert and thinks it's silly... Then she...
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    Really ??

    Maybe all should just take a serious look.. http://dotsub.com/media/b5ee5ada-5b37-4b0b-9916-e0896337ec4b/e/m
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    This is my first post sooo here it goes.

    . I am in the process of converting to Islam. I was raised Christian my whole life. My parents are moderately religious. We probably go to church twice a month, at the most. I came to Islam through my future fiancé. At first I though I would never convert to Islam. Then I...
    Abbiehijabi Abbiehijabi
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    How I Came To Quran Alone Islam

    The following is my personal experience and is relayed with the greatest of respect to my fellow Muslims who in all likely hood will not agree with my ideas about our shared faith. I ask only one thing; I respect your right to embrace traditional Islam, please respect my...
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