I Dated Someone Who Went Gay

It didn't work out. For no other reason than because they were not attracted to your gender. 77 People

    My Ex Boyfriend...

    I recently dated a guy for 2 years. When we first got together he told me that he was thinking about men but that it wasnt too serious. I was the first person he ever told. Well after about a year he got worse. Every man he thought looked "hot" he would be like "damn!" and yeah...
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    I don't really believe that he "went" gay as much as he was born gay but when I was in high school l  dated a young man that was on the football team, and in the FBLA, NHS, and Drama Clubs with me.  I know you are thinking a match made in heaven with so much...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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    Epic While It Lasted

    I met my ex during my freshman year of college. We lived in the same dorm and he lived next door to one of my friends. We met through her and we were pretty much inseparable from the beginning. I wasn't exactly physically attracted to him but his personality was infectious and...
    asiansprinkles1 asiansprinkles1
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    I Have Turned Someone Gay

    i dated a girl in high school . after we broke up she went gay or while lesibian . i guess it tells you i am good . lol just kidding .
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    I Hate

    I hate when people think that gay guys only were skinny jeans because we don't....
    Scubatank Scubatank
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    So Close

    There were two other students in my senior class that were going to go to the same college as me.  Since I am such a total extroverted freak I decided to talk to them and become friends a few months before school got out.  The three of us had Calculus and AP English and...
    Krypton Krypton
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    Its The Other Way Around

    As it turns out I was the one who turned out to be gay. I never told anyone this but I dated a girl in my middle school years but nothing ever happened. Ho she would love to write it here because she did date some one who turned out to be gay. Haha Funny. So we dated for those...
    Gabe1995 Gabe1995
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    May 29, 2012

    Never Forget That Day

    i was 17 and was dating a guy for 8 months. personally i thought everything was fine because nothing weird or bad ever happen. one day i came over and studied science with him but finished my paper before. i was so sore from writing i told him i was going to have a bubble bath. i...
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    I love the title of this group. It sounds like they went shopping instead of realised their sexuality
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    Feb 13, 2009

    HELP ME!!!

    So 2 years ago I decided not to talk to my ex who turned out to be gay because I was still in love with him. Long story short I told him that i'm over what happened and that I want to be friends again. He asked me all these questions on why I did what I did and I asked if we...
    Dreamer212 Dreamer212
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    Sep 18, 2013

    Gay Neighbor

    I was in my rubber panties lieing in my longe chair when I herd someone say ,is that rubber panties you have on?As I turned tward the fence I was looking at  young man  in a tight pair of swim shorts that were bulging even more as we talked  I said, what...
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    Jun 27, 2009

    Curse of a Tomboy...

    From elementary through high school, I have dealt with gay men becoming interested in me in some way.  It all started in 3rd or 4th grade when this boy just simply would not leave me alone.  Everyone and their brother knew that he had a little crush on me, but I had...
    Abana Abana
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