I Did Something the Old Timey Way

Stories about doing something the way our ancestors did it, not the modern way. 19 People

    Turtle Soup

    Turtle Soup When fields were green and grain was yellow, I was a wife and mother. I had placed my hand, and my fortunes, in his hand. His people would be my people. Had I married a man of the Makonde tribe, the plate in my lip would have been larger, thicker and more platey than...
    mamapolo mamapolo
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    I Made Candles.

    In elementary school we visited this old plantation and they taught us to make candles.  It was fun.  You just dip your string in buckets and keep going back and forth until it is thick.  Of course, they had to make a lot of them back in the day because that was...
    urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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    A 20s Style Lace Wedding Veil By Hand

    its super pretty ... white scoped lace with a heart head center.its a three tier veil and I have to finish off the edges with a ribbon or laceand to go over the top is a beige crystal floral wreath. I know the dress that would look great with this keeping in the 1920s styleI...
    czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
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    Ach, Das Is Gut! (or, Making Noodles) Part Two

    This is part two of this - whatever this is - if you can stomach more about noodles, Part One can be found elsewhere in this experience group. ------------------------------------------------ I t was long ago and far away, the world was different, I was different, than we...
    mamapolo mamapolo
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    Ach, Das Is Gut! (or, Making Noodles) Part One

    Yes, I know I said, "Someday I'll tell you about making noodles." That's the last time I'll make that mistake. You people are merciless. I can't tell you stories all the time. Oh, all right. But then, off to bed with you and no more drinks of water, either. It's no...
    mamapolo mamapolo
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    Indeed I Did

    When I lost the remote to the TV, I got up and turned it on! :o
    kleisse kleisse
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    Sauerkraut             When I was younger and foolisher, I had a husband who was, as the Gail Davies song so succinctly put it, “A hard dog to keep under the porch.” Eventually I got too tired, but for quite a while...
    mamapolo mamapolo
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    Lots of Things

    I'm fifty, so some would say I do everything the old-timey way. I've done many of the things mentioned here.  I've plucked and dressed chickens and ducks.  I've canned jams, and preserves, and home-made pickles.  I make my own noodles, and pie crust.  I...
    EBunbury EBunbury
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    2 Responses May 27, 2009
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