I Died And Was Resuscitated

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    When I was a baby I died.

    .. I drowned in the bathtub. My drug addicted bio dad was supposed to be watching me but didn't. I thank everyday that my mom and oma came home when they did or I wouldn't be here today... I always wonder what would I be like if that never happened to me....
    Laurennmariee Laurennmariee
    22-25, F
    Aug 10, 2015

    When I Was Born

    I know a lot of people say this but I died at birth. My mom and grandmother calls me the miracle child of the family because I'm not supposed to be alive right now.A couple of days before I was born my mom had a dream that I died, but in the dream and Angel came to her and said...
    ladysora ladysora
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 10, 2011

    I Died Was Resuscitated Then Went Into A Coma With A Strange Experience

    I was visiting a friend in north Hollywood earlier this year. One evening I was walking to his glass blowing shop when I lost my way. As I was trying to find my way I began to have trouble breathing. Which is no surprise I was smoking two packs of cigarettes or more a day. I...
    Arbor2282 Arbor2282
    Nov 27, 2013

    I Was Strangled At Birth, But Survived

    I was born in October 1965 at Bondi women's hospital Sydney, Australia. In those days to be resuscitated from strangulation by umbilical was rare if for an extended amount of time, I'm told I was not breathing and still for 6 minutes. After revival I spent the next 2 weeks in...
    adamfraser65 adamfraser65
    1 Response Sep 24, 2011

    I Died At Birth

    I was born by c-section and but died at birth well actually I heard that I died twice. Apparantly the doctor couldn't get me breathing again and gave up and left me for dead. But one of the other doctors took pity on me and had a go resuscitating me and by some...
    Foxie913 Foxie913
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Apr 13, 2010

    Died At 17

    Tottally healthy girl. Nothing wrong at all. Went in for simple gullbladder surgery. Flat lined for 2 minutes because the surgeon pumped too much gas in my stomach, it made my heart stop. Talked to my dead grandpa, and could see what happened in the OR. Saw myself getting paddles...
    Ericamarie27 Ericamarie27
    1 Response Dec 4, 2012

    Resuscitated Into A New Child.

    I can remember holding on to the edge of the blue deep pool, the lights of the sun dancing in the water. Some how the next thing I knew was looking at the dancing light rays in the water it was even more real then all of a sudden the lights danced back and forth Spiritualy...
    donaldlaube donaldlaube
    56-60, M
    1 Response Aug 23, 2013

    Died At 21

    I went in for surgery Oct 2011. As soon as they put me to sleep I flat lined, took the doctor 45 mins to get me back. When i woke up i had no idea where I was, what was going on or what month it was. I do not remember anything about the week I spent in the hospital but since I...
    micsmama micsmama
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 10, 2012

    5 years ago my life should have ended.

    the doctors have diagnosed me as a walking talking miracle. so yeah i live my life differently now. I'm in no way afraid of death. i do worry more about happiness in my life. it's a story i hate to tell even though it couldn't be helped. it was incredibly traumatic to come...
    CallmeHopelessNotRomantic CallmeHopelessNotRomantic
    36-40, F
    1 Response Mar 29, 2015
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