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I Discipline My Husband

Personal Stories, Advice, and Support 509 People

    I Am The One Who Gets Spanked

    My wife has been spanking me since I ask her in 2009. I felt I had done some things that made her angry and sad and I felt I was acting like a 12 year old sometimes. So what should happen to a 12 year old when he misbehaves? Get a spanking and that is what she does to me and I am...
    naughtyDen naughtyDen
    56-60, M
    1 Response Nov 30, 2012

    I am an ex Dom. Wife has taken control

    and wants a flr.She wants to use spamking to enforce control and weekly spankings to start. what guidelines should be followed and what proceeds can be applied>
    irobin147 irobin147
    66-70, M
    1 Response Oct 5, 2015

    Wives: How To Spank Your Hisband 101

    First, you must be determined that you are going to follow through with the discipline. No wife ever gets it right the first time. But, it will be a first time for your husband as well, so don't worry about that. It is extremely essential to remain totally feminine throughout the...
    CathyBenson CathyBenson
    46-50, F
    51 Responses Dec 10, 2010

    I Must Stop Being Lazy

    I am still sporting many of the marks from a thrashing which I received nearly two weeks ago when my wife's cane split and drew blood. They have faded but are still recogniseable. Two days ago, on Sunday evening, I was watching football on the tv when my wife called me. She had...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Jul 3, 2012

    I Am Going To Paddle My Hubby Tonight

    I told my husband last night that I would paddle him tonight because he needs an attitude adjustment. When I came home from work yesterday, the kitchen was dirty and supper was not ready. Later in the evening, he was a little mouthy and even raised his voice. It was clear he...
    BethHamilton BethHamilton
    26-30, F
    13 Responses Oct 28, 2010

    Rachel Disciplines Her Boyfriend

    Rachel had been woken from sleep when the telephone rang just after Midnight. It was Jon, a close friend of her boyfriend Carl. “I’m sorry to wake you… but Carl has had a lot to drink and I took his car keys to keep him from driving, I would have brought him home but I’m...
    deleted deleted
    May 20, 2013


    We have started into discipline with a paddle but I my wife hasn't been very serious only about 6-7 whacks. I am looking for a wife that provides real discipline nothing sexual. Someone that demands chores be done, demands respect, provides regular discipline sessions, corner...
    rexalan rexalan
    61-65, M
    3 Responses Jul 16, 2013

    My Journey As A Disciplined Husband

    I've been married for 28 years now, my wife started spanking me when we were dating but it was always done in foreplay. It had been that way pretty much for 20 odd years, then one day I said to her you should spank for disciplinary reasons not just as foreplay. Our kids had all...
    smoked59 smoked59
    46-50, M
    14 Responses Mar 27, 2012

    Humiliating Punishment By My Wife

    I was subject to humiliating punishment by my wife for talking rudely to her in front of few of our friends. I was sent to a barber shop with strict instructions to get my head shaved smooth.After I returned back with a smooth shaved head,she wrote "Punished by my wife with a...
    mwmb mwmb
    36-40, M
    Oct 1, 2012

    No Nonsense

    When I first met my husband his mother warned me that although he was a decent bloke he could sometimes be impulsive and needed discipline to bring him under control but she had not been physically able to do so since he was about thirteen. When I raised the subject with him and...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Nov 26, 2011

    My Wife Orderd Me To Prepare Switches Yesterday

    Last weekend i had to take down a hedge that had grown out of control despite constant pruning and even attempts to cut it down to the ground that did not stop its wild growth. This hedge produces extremely long swithes 6-7 ft in length that are nearly perfectly straight. Before...
    kent1973 kent1973
    56-60, M
    1 Response Oct 18, 2013

    Trouble Brewing

    Today has been a really bad day! I had to leave really early for my work , and I woke up about 6am, much earlier than necessary, and feeling stupidly horny for no reason I can understand. I shook hubby to wake him, so that he could bring me off with his tongue, after all, what...
    pampereddiva pampereddiva
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Feb 10, 2012

    Paddled And Humbled

    So my previous stories had somewhat of a cocky theme. No longer the case. I drove home hammered the other night, actually scared myself. The next night my wife grabbed me by the ear, and marched me while scolding into the master bathroom. She yanked down my jeans and boxers and...
    broker12 broker12
    2 Responses Nov 8, 2013

    Target Practice

    My wife has me bend over in the nude and then  uses her lipstick to create a taget/like  image on my bottom.She then administers furocious swats to my behind usng a fraternity like paddle.  She continuesthis,.....  until her arm is tired  and then checks to see if the...
    disgraziato disgraziato
    66-70, M
    3 Responses Mar 23, 2012

    Hello, I am normally a sub,

    but recently my husband has wanted me to start punishing him. I have been doing so for about month or two, but my punishments never seem to be working. Any help would be greatly appreceated as he has a very high pain tolerence
    subwifeforever subwifeforever
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Jun 20, 2014

    A Long And Happy Marriage.

    Hi my name is gill and i am 55 yrs old. i have be with my husband since our schooldays and married almost 38 years,early in our relationship the subject of corporal punishment was discussed as i knew my h usband had received the school cane on more than one occasion from our...
    gill55 gill55
    Nov 20, 2011

    Wife Punishes With Belt

    Yesterday morning I was in the shower when my wife came into the shower room, opened the cuble door and demanded I followed her into the bedroom. As soon as I walked into the room naked she tore me off a ***** for not paying a mail order bill which she had told me to pay and...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    9 Responses May 16, 2012

    How I Began To Discipline My Husband.

    Before we were married I knew that my fiance was mild and very self efacing to the point that he let me get away with almost anything. I, of course put this down to the fact that he was so in love with me that he would do anything for me and this was and still is true. I also...
    femdomgirl femdomgirl
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

    A good old hard spanking is in order .

    I am so sick of My husband coming home kicking his shoes off and demanding dinner . I have no problem making dinner for my husband ,kids and myself , But to demand it from me is not going to happen . The first time I gave a look . The second time I reminded him of who he was...
    notmessingaround notmessingaround
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Apr 9, 2015

    Last Night

    My girlfriend spanked me last night. Hard. It was totally undeserved and she said as much. We were watching television when she remarked that she was bored, and that there was nothing worth watching. I agreed. Then she said “I think I want to spank you.” “Why?” I retorted...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 24, 2013

    ******* Morning

    My husband used to be my toilethuman On the morning when I am angry at him
    Blackrose1234 Blackrose1234
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 5, 2012

    Mind Games?

    When, a few days ago, my wife told me I was to be "dealt with" for wearing shoes in the house and treading pine needles into the rugs, I was anticipating another caning or strapping. On my way home I received a text from her saying she would be about half an hour late from work...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Jul 6, 2012

    Part 2--i Paddle Him!

    I wanted to follow up on my last post. When I got home, hubby was waiting for me just as I ordered--in our bedroom. I am not one to mess around. I immediately sat him down on a little seat we have in the bedroom and I took his hand in mine and looked him right in the eye. "I...
    BethHamilton BethHamilton
    26-30, F
    8 Responses Nov 8, 2010

    Upcoming Spanking

    A few days ago, I sat with my husband and we planned the menus for the week and mad out a grocery list. My husband does the shopping most of the time and he does all of the cooking, he enjoys it, so it works for us. I took the time to plan for shopping and this morning he goes...
    MsDommee MsDommee
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Jun 29, 2013

    The Cane In The Loft

    The first time Joanne spanked me was shortly after we had begun sleeping together. We were in bed arguing about something and she pulled me by the hand over her lap while she giggled excitedly. She spanked me with her hand, softly at first and then harder and harder, even though...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 12, 2013

    Slipbottom Son In Law

    As some of you may have realised MrsNessa and slipbottom are related and allow relatives to share their experiences, a fact known to certain friends. Due to a misdeamenour my wife, slipbottom's daughter, has insisted I relate my first punishment at slipbottom's hands, very...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 18, 2012

    This was a club I never expected to be a member

    of. We've been married 25 years and as long as I can remember my wife has teased, "I'll pull your pants down and spank you so hard." About two weeks ago she administered my first of several spankings. After several weeks of trying to diet I have failed to lose my promised...
    drrandy drrandy
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jan 25, 2014

    Caned For Breaking A Promise

    As my wife has become more comfortable with the concept of a disciplinary relationship, she has become equally comfortable with using corporal punishment to enforce her rules. From slapping the backs of my legs she progressed to a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, and then a belt. She...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Jun 25, 2012

    All Husbands Need Regular Discipline

    I discovered discipline and punishment fairly slowly. My husband is a wonderful man, who worships me and takes care of me in a very loving and sincere way. It was after he had been wearing a chastity cage for a few weeks, that he rebelled. I'd been warned that it might happen, so...
    pampereddiva pampereddiva
    41-45, F
    6 Responses Apr 15, 2013

    Maybe..Just Maybe!

    Since my "Advice Please!" contribution to this group I have received some useful advice which I have taken on board. But last weekend an incident occurred which was really unexpected but so encouraging. It occurred on Saturday evening after we had eaten a meal. My wife is an...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Sep 27, 2011

    If Your Husband Is Ever Rude Or Impolite.. .spank Him!

    Dear Loving Wife: If you have a happy marriage, but sometimes your husband is out of line, is too quiet or just ignores you, what do you do about it? Most wives elect to do nothing, and hope it gets better, but the problems or issues never really get resolved. The sooner you...
    CathyBenson CathyBenson
    46-50, F
    8 Responses Dec 9, 2010

    First "formal" Punishment

    I had one hell of a thrashing yesterday. My wife came in from work in a really bad mood. She produced one of her new disciplinary forms and told me to read and sign it. It seemed that I had caused some embarrassment and friction amongst her friends by talking to one of her...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    Jun 1, 2012

    My Blistering Was On Her "To Do List"

    My Linda is very methodical and is constantly making lists, planning hers and my day .We got into it..... really bad on the way home from the lake. She was livid because on three occasions at the pool, I told some tales ....out of school …….regarding our personal life to...
    disgraziato disgraziato
    66-70, M
    Jun 20, 2013

    Disciplinary Records

    I recently wrote about how my wife thrashed me with a belt and followed up with a warning/promise that there would be more to come. This after several years of not wishing to recognise my need for discipline which I tried unsuccessfully to suppress. When she returned from work...
    slave2u62 slave2u62
    46-50, M
    3 Responses May 28, 2012

    Why Did He Forget?

    Melanie took the cane from the cupboard and flexed it gently between her hands. She loved the feel of it, the look of it, its potency even when at rest. She cut the air with it as if experimentally, enjoying the hissing sound it made. It spoke to her senses and the felt the...
    deleted deleted
    May 21, 2013

    I love my husband but sometimes he just needs

    to be taught a lesson. I always believed that a lesson is most effective when given immediately after an infraction and not delayed. I had invited 6 of my girlfriends for lunch. It was on a Sunday afternoon and my husband was home. The girls and I were sitting in the kitchen...
    submissivewife1 submissivewife1
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Jun 8, 2014

    I just gave my husband his first public

    spanking in Walmart he talked back to me so I put him over the knee with thousands watching
    katiekitty20003123 katiekitty20003123
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Oct 3, 2015

    I am a husband, regularly

    and often disciplined by my wife.I knew it would be thus going into the marriage....heck, she proposed to me at a spanking party, shortly after turning my bottom a bright red.I chronicle my life, with her and otherwise, on my blog, on blogger, so I won't be repeating much here.
    maleslaveShilo maleslaveShilo
    61-65, M
    1 Response Mar 25, 2014

    Husband Spanked

    Usually it goes well with my husband. He is feminized by me. But sometimes his mind goes back to male. So I take care of her buttocks. My hand first, then the belt, and finally the cane. I do not often use a cane. He accepts himself more or less be a woman. But sometimes he...
    catherinembs catherinembs
    46-50, F
    15 Responses Oct 6, 2010

    Harsh Discipline

    My wife believes in immediate and harsh discipline. One of her rules is that I am allowed no more than two hours of television a night, less if I’ve done something wrong. A couple of weeks ago I began to watch the basketball game. I have been restricted to no more than 75...
    grey44 grey44
    41-45, M
    May 1, 2012

    Paddling Him On The Installment Plan

    Just last night, I completed my husband's latest punishment in response to his irresponsible use of our household funds. He thinks of himself as a poker stud, a player with a cool game and a poker face to match. The truth is, he loses far more often than not and his so-called...
    Golddiggergal Golddiggergal
    36-40, F
    38 Responses Jul 26, 2010

    Wives: How To Spank Your Husband

    Cathy Benson has written a very good guide. This guide is from a male perspective. I was spanked by a flat-mate a time ago, and she got some things very right, and others a bit wrong. This is how I think it works, as someone on the receiving end. Adult consensual only! 1) Many...
    hml14a hml14a
    41-45, M
    1 Response Aug 2, 2011
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