I Dislike Being Emotionally Blackmailed

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    A Low Blow

    I cannot stand being emotionally blackmailed but the problem is I often can't see that is what's happening. It doesn't feel that unnatural to put someone else's needs ahead of my own,even if its to my own detriment. Today I made a point of standing up for myself against someone...
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    1 Response May 3, 2012

    My Mother

    my mother was diagnosed with severe depression. i have inherited it. she shows it a lot more than i do but sometimes i wonder if she uses it to her advantage. she will tell me how ill she is and have me feeling sorry for her and then she will ask for money or something...
    sexyducky2272 sexyducky2272
    22-25, F
    2 Responses May 23, 2010


    It is about power. They think "I can make ____ do whatever I want if I give them the guilt trip, the silent treatment, etc". Emotional blackmail is controling someone or a situation you feel you have no control of. It is a poor and pathetic way to live, but it...
    shynomore shynomore
    36-40, M
    2 Responses May 13, 2008

    But the devils will do it

    once they know that it's the only way to get me to stay. If they cant be fixed it's because they don't want to be or it's not your place. Just because they say you are the only thing that can keep them held, look the other way or they'll drag you to hell because that's where...
    rose114 rose114
    18-21, F
    Mar 19, 2014

    I Find It Atrocious and I D...

    I find it atrocious and I do my best not to reposnd to it but sometimes I get so caught. Only with my  husabnd really. do I play the game and make the response he desires or do something different and get a petulatn, angry tantrumming scene. i guess that's emotional...
    everhopeful everhopeful
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    1 Response May 9, 2008


    "I'll kill myself if I lose you." There's so much passion yet also desperation in those words. It's like they're saying, "I've got nothing to offer you to keep you around, so I'll threaten you instead." A relationship or a friendship based on threats, fear and manipulation...
    CashCarStar CashCarStar
    18-21, M
    Mar 14, 2010

    Mom Used To Do This

    But, no more - i have separated myself from her.  She always used that tactic about her being the mother, and i, the daughter.  Just not right, nor is it fair.  Im not angry anymore about it.  Moving on is the best thing.  LOL.
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    Jan 7, 2010

    Blackmail is the worst im

    so scared and i dont wana tell anyone incase thay tell the police witch i carnt di
    lavinder128 lavinder128
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    1 Response Jul 25, 2015

    Don't Know If This Counts.

    My mother can be very emotionally abusive.  She loves to give me a guilt trip when SHE can't pay HER bills. Last Friday, I announced on Facebook that I'd be going to a festival with my friend that evening.  I'd told my mom I'd loan her $100, days before that. ...
    urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
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    5 Responses Jun 14, 2010

    One of the Worst Abuses Ever...

    It's manipulation supreme especially by those who deign to love you. I will no longer fall for it and oh....just a hint. People who say "I'll kill myself id you don't/do (whatever)." need a freaking life.
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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    3 Responses May 9, 2008


    Much as we love them, how they can use this one power against us- the one thing we want to be opened unto others, we naiively give to them through a duty to trust and they use them as spears in our chest- one word, one little phrase and a whole lifetime is questionned.
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    Jun 30, 2008

    i need help someone is doing it to me.

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    ashtray4u ashtray4u
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    Apr 20, 2016

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    TrustIsEarned TrustIsEarned
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    7 Responses May 24, 2011

    Because I've Always Wanted My Hair To Turn Clear And Then Run Away.

    If you know me,... insert story [here]. If you don't, let's suffice it to say that I am among the most adept, skilled and masters as emotional blackmail and manipulation. What's amazing, is when you walk away, and feel like YOU did something wrong,.. or said something wrong, or...
    TrustIsEarned TrustIsEarned
    46-50, F
    Dec 15, 2010

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    bolt0 bolt0
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    Dec 7, 2013

    Hell Ya! Who Doesn't? ...

    Hell ya! Who doesn't? At least have the respect to shoot it straight with people. If you play these types of games then don't bother with me! Move along. Your not worth my time! Harsh I know but respect is everything!
    neo2012 neo2012
    36-40, M
    May 9, 2008

    Can't Stand It

    My mother is like an Olympian when it comes to emotional blackmail. Complete with rigorous training and unshakable dedication. Congratulations, Ma, you've gotten really good at it!
    LucidDementia LucidDementia
    18-21, F
    1 Response May 11, 2008
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