I Do Not Believe In God Do Not Take Offence

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    It's weird I do believe in him in a way

    but I also don't.. How could someone right a book (bible) if they weren't even from his time period? From the stories brought along from that time? They could have changed or been manipulated. I don't know the whole religion thing is completely confusing.
    blossomingMe blossomingMe
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    I do not believe in god

    for my own reasons, and it is not to offend others who do. What I have seen over the last while, people who do not believe in God are discriminated....which is so wrong. We all have our reasons for believing in him or not, and either should not be judged or looked down on...
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    I myself do not know

    if the Christian god is real or not. If he or she is then I don't not wish to have anything to do with them. It is there for the privileged white
    ValhallaAwaits ValhallaAwaits
    22-25, M
    Oct 1, 2014

    I Do Not Believe In God.....sorry If This Offends People Who Do...no Harm Meant

     I once upon a time beieved in God, but now I do not. I grew up Catholic, went through Catholic school for many years, I was abused by the religion, "Religious Abuse" my therapist called it.  To back up a bit.....when we were young, youn kids...my parents, friends...
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