I Don't Believe Doctors Have All the Answers

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    Egolikeme69 Egolikeme69
    46-50, M
    Dec 1, 2015


    Doctors are human beings, just like the rest of us.  Their knowledge is not infallible.  There will be gaps and there will be things that the have never been presented with before. Many of them now have only a textbook knowledge of certain health issues, as others come...
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    1 Response Nov 30, 2008

    I hate how my family is always trying to get me

    to go to the doctor for an annual check up. I'm not a firm believer in going to the doctor just so they can tell me that everything is fine and that I need to continue working on myself like they always do, that's a waste of my time and money. You can put on a fancy white coat...
    FabledTacoOfDoom FabledTacoOfDoom
    22-25, M
    Nov 2, 2015
    Egolikeme69 Egolikeme69
    46-50, M
    Dec 1, 2015

    Oops, I Dis~diagnose You

    I have been dis diagnose more than once. The last time I was dis diagnose; my husband accused me of cheating on him instead of being supportive. The medication I had to use was so shameful and horrible. I was so embarrassed at the pharmacy. At the end of the whole mess; with...
    123ct 123ct
    36-40, F
    1 Response May 3, 2008

    I am a Veterinarian. I just read some of the

    stories in this group and I have something to say. I realize this groups is more about human doctors, but I obviously can relate. First off, just like any profession, there are good doctors and bad doctors. Personally, if I don't know the answer to something I will not lie...
    DocMcSizzle DocMcSizzle
    26-30, F
    9 Responses Oct 16, 2015

    My gynecologist suddenly passed away two months

    ago. So today I made a visit to a female doctor who shared the office with him. She asked me a few simple yes-no questions.....like "Do u have hot flash?", and didn't care for answering any of my questions & concerns. "Your headache & other symptoms absolutely nothing to do...
    jagapee jagapee
    51-55, F
    1 Response Aug 25, 2014

    I don't like the idea of doctors prescribing

    medicine for a mental illness. I honestly don't think it helps.
    BriannaSA BriannaSA
    16-17, F
    2 Responses Jan 15, 2014

    I don't want to be specific,

    but a couple years ago when I was a doctor, he... did things. So no I don't believe they have all the answers.
    TheEmoAngel TheEmoAngel
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Mar 15, 2016

    Anxiety and Depression As An Illness

    I really hate the psychology-related medical profession. Why? It seems, to me, to tell everyone how "sick" they are. I mean, yes, I agree that some mental illnesses are horrid and the people do need to medicated and/or monitored. But I also don't believe that Anxiety...
    MysteriousSkin MysteriousSkin
    22-25, F
    Feb 20, 2008

    I feel like I can't trust a mainstream doctor

    to know what they're doing when thousands, even millions die at their hands every year.
    rumblingheart rumblingheart
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 3, 2015

    So I had to go doctors on Monday

    after a call up couldn't help as I was trying to avoid going to the doctors as things are difficult at the NHS in this country but they told me i must see somebody... The lower part of my right leg went red,hot and swollen so I was concerned as it really hurt! It looked like an...
    LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 4, 2015

    I'm sick and tired of being sick

    and tired. I have Auto Immune Disease, incorporating: Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) Barrett's Oesophagus (Pre-cancerous cells on lower oesophagus due to chronic reflux) GORD ( chronic reflux disorder) Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy (sensory neuropathic cough) Irritable...
    Soliloqy Soliloqy
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Oct 20, 2015

    I really wish that people would realize

    that doctors are people too, they mess up and make mistakes just like every other human being. Don't blindly trust doctors, you wouldn't blindly trust a random stranger. Ask questions, tell them everything, never lie to them. The most important thing is to always ASK questions...
    JerseyRoyaltyx0 JerseyRoyaltyx0
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Feb 26, 2014

    All their answers is drugs,

    drugs,drugs nothing else... They don't treat patients individual they just call you in , only let you say a few words then just give you drugs... don't listen to the whole problem and thats it you're out... They don't take into account who you are, what caused it or WHY it...
    LittleMilwee LittleMilwee
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 4, 2015

    True, No One Is God

    It is true, doctors don't have all the answers and this is the reason if anything they will send patients to a specialist in order getting to the bottom of it. Most of the times, they do get the answer.  Rarely, they don't have any idea, what's what or what is wrong.  (I know...
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    1 Response Aug 18, 2012

    Ever since i was about 12

    so not to long after my first period I started getting terrible "headaches" but they're really located behind my eyes and they make me see weird squiggly lines and I throw up. It isn't always constant with the "time of month" I wear glasses on and off and I feel like if I don't...
    NjVgVrgo NjVgVrgo
    26-30, F
    1 Response Aug 10, 2014

    God I can't believe you guys spent a decade in

    university memorizing things that I can look up in a fraction of a second... The thing is that I can read it, apply it and move on where you guys are totally hung up on yourselves... Stubborn really, unable to go with the flow.. 500PX.com A picture is worth a thousand words...
    SammyJD11 SammyJD11
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Feb 4, 2014

    They're advanced and skilled in their area of

    medicine. But they're not God. No more talented than an expert in any other profession.
    PeterSp8 PeterSp8
    46-50, M
    May 20, 2015

    it's exhausting being your own advocate

    but you must. So tired of wasted time and money with follow-ups when they don't listen or the referrals and you start over at square one with months in between . And then the Dr can't treat me holistically because you can't bill insurance that way. nope everything is one...
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    3 Responses Sep 24, 2015
    khewster khewster
    36-40, F
    Sep 23, 2014

    After calling the ambulance

    for difficulty breathing and chest pains. I was accused of being abused at home and having mental health problems. From here on out I am going the naturopath way. Fvck doctors and nurses in this town and their attitudes. It's okay for them to treat people like their idiots but...
    katariffik katariffik
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Mar 15, 2016

    Don't Get Me Started

    Last year my daughter was very sick. She had abdominal pain and was vomiting alot. I took her to the ER almost every night- Same old Story "Nervous Teenage Stomach" REALLY NOW???? After about a month of this BS, a doctor FINALLY sent us to a surgeon. He took one look...
    GoddessVita GoddessVita
    36-40, F
    7 Responses May 3, 2008

    Doctors Dont Know Everything

    They need to learn and listen more! 
    happytazmania happytazmania
    46-50, F
    1 Response Nov 9, 2011

    Am I Alive?

    Doctors have too many things to learn about, and even specialist cannot always be right. Whatever they tell me could work in some cases, and kill in others. We do not all respond the same. (What I oppose the most is drugs. Side effect can be worse than the disease.) I do not...
    marvinlzinn marvinlzinn
    66-70, M
    Feb 7, 2013

    Well yeah, doctors are just

    as human as your high school janitor. They're gonna have limits and they're gonna make mistakes. But that doesn't mean that you should avoid them completely. If there's something wrong, it's better to tell someone, anyone that might be able to help rather than just stubbornly...
    PendulEmPlum PendulEmPlum
    18-21, F
    Mar 15, 2016

    It irks me that my friends go to the hospital

    for everything . They are not rich and I guess they think because help insurance covers most of the payment that the little money they spend is nothing . If you have hives and I tell you that you have hives, offer you hydrocortisone cream an Benadryl but you go to the doctor...
    Alylovespuppies Alylovespuppies
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 5, 2015

    Doctors don't have all the answers.

    It's all about learning. I have been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome SPS, autoimmune issue. Anyways based on my research, cleaned up my diet, no processed food, no inflammation, helping lots!, increasing mobility but gotta get off Keppra, side effects include imbalance or...
    Mscrabtree Mscrabtree
    56-60, F
    2 Responses Sep 30, 2014

    I can diagnose myself these days from

    researching online before going to an appointment.
    Heart4me Heart4me
    36-40, F
    1 Response Oct 15, 2015

    Doctors Are Only Human.

    I am a primary care physician and while I try to do my best for my patients, I can't help them all. In many instances I believe, people expect too much from doctors and don't take enough accountability for their own lives. A healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular...
    0ppa 0ppa
    36-40, M
    1 Response Oct 5, 2012

    Bull ****

    they told my dad he had 1 year, and he laughed for another dozen. i could understand being wrong by a yr or two, but give me a break, twelve years?!?! they only tell you how much time your insurance has left. your real life expectancy is as long as you want it to be.
    grouchyoldman grouchyoldman
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Mar 24, 2008

    Doctors Are Full of It!

    I have known many people related and nonrelated, including myself, that have been misdiagnosed or died from wrong medications.  About 8 years ago I was at the end of my rope.  I got down the bible and started reading. Throughout the whole KJV bible it tells you not to...
    jgm379 jgm379
    26-30, F
    Mar 10, 2009

    Idk why ppl go to the doc

    when they get a cold...ever heard of panadol?
    apperentlyicanthavemynameagain apperentlyicanthavemynameagain
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 5, 2015

    Is it really always necessary

    that a doctor always have all answers? Is it not sometimes better instead to have for everything an answer to show commiseration and sympathy?
    Loretta78 Loretta78
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Nov 14, 2015

    heck no they don't!!!

    ! no way they do
    DixieLandDiva101 DixieLandDiva101
    36-40, F
    1 Response Dec 1, 2015

    For the past week I've been feeling extremely

    weak, lightheaded and can't think straight most of the time. I've also been itching a lot too. The pain on my right back side isn't as bad now. I went to the hospital about 6 months ago from the sharp pain (the bloody urine scared the crap out of me too!) and results from a...
    shakenama shakenama
    41-45, M
    Jul 20, 2014
    anabiribana anabiribana
    18-21, F
    Nov 26, 2015

    DOCTORS I Dont Have All the Ansers

    I dont think doctors have all the answers .sometimes i think they are in it for the praise and the MONEY! after all wouldnt they be out of a job if they cured everyone?  think about it my father in law died of cancer all the money spent on the cemo and raditon couldnt save...
    lunnas lunnas
    41-45, F
    6 Responses Jan 27, 2008

    human body is so complex no one has all the

    answers. But I'm trying to find the right Dr that has enough answers that I can trust and feel safe in his care. I only want less pain and to get back to doing things I need to do, or enjoy to do without pain stopping me
    goodwitchofthenorth goodwitchofthenorth
    41-45, F
    Nov 30, 2015
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