I Don't Need To Believe In The Bible To Believe In God

And You Definately Don't Need To Believe In Your Car Manual To Drive..... 74 People

    God Was Alive Before The Bible

    I'm a unique Christian.I don't believe the Bible was meant to be literal. And I don't believe every word of it was inspired by God. In fact, I look at the Bible as 50% historical record, and 50% parable. I have had other so-called Christians attack me for my beliefs and unique...
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    Ain't That The Truth!!

    Out of all the groups I've seen, this has to be my favorite.I grew up and have lived in the Bible belt all my life. It is unreal how people act down in the South. They don't ask you where you work, where you went to school, or who your parents are....No, that's way too easy...
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    I Don't 100% Believe In The Bible.

    I feel somewhat that I don't need to read the bible from cover to cover nor believe in it.I do love God yet the bible was made a VERY long time ago by well people;that which can but their own twist into it.I do believe how of course being bad is well bad and being good is well...
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    I Don,t Need To Believe In The Bible To Believe In God.

    i have read the bible many times and i have read other books as well i have come to think much in the Bible has been taken out,including theb law of karma and reincarnation,there are other bible texts omitted called the Nahamadi texts found in 1945, the church has said they were...
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    "Is The Original Bible Still In Existence?"

    The answer to the question is “no” In the strictest sense, no, the original documents that comprise the 66 books of the Bible—sometimes called the “‘autographs”—are not in the possession of any organization. However, in a very real form , one could say yes...
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    Nov 25, 2011


    I was a bible thumping Christian unil i found that the people i was with are deliberately obtuse in their interpretation of scripture.
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    Jan 25, 2010
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