I Don't Think I'm A Crossdresser

This is for men who wear whatever they want and think its ok . 38 People


    What's in a label? Be yourself and be comfortable.After wearing women's clothes for many, many years,  I pretty much wear what is in my wardrobe and that is mostly women's clothes.Call it whatever you care to call it.  It feels natural and I like it.
    jml2000 jml2000
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    1 Response Jan 15, 2013

    Crossdressers ?

    I started this group because I got to thinking why are we labeled 'crossdressers' for wearing womens intimates when women have and do wear mens clothing all the time and they are not stuck with a label. I'm dumping the 'crossdresser' label and all other labels. I'm just someone...
    mustangsally1965 mustangsally1965
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    12 Responses Dec 21, 2010

    Because I Don't Know Which Way It Is!

    This could be a one-story/many-comments group, because I think the meaning is so plain, and felt by quite of lot of us. Out there, anyone who sees me in a skirt would say "He's a man in women's clothing: therefore he's a cross-dresser". Me? I'm just me in my skirt, therefore I am...
    Fullcircle Fullcircle
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    Feb 5, 2011

    Whatever,i Love It!

    I really think its better than sliced bread or naked sex. I normally underdress at all times,and soon as able I dress fully in one of my several femme outfits. It does wonders for my feelings and really thrills me. My main struggle is deciding "who" I will emulate this dressing...
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    Mar 27, 2011

    I Need You Friends.

    My sweet friends. yet i know i am a t girl. crossdresser, transzender what you say,. but friends i am a female inside. i have a soft heart inside and i feel pain when people think me a fun, a timepass or a option for sex. i dont hate male unlike getle one. they know how to show...
    HariPadaradha HariPadaradha
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    1 Response Nov 24, 2011

    I Am Not

    a crossdresser, i am a tgirl, transgender girl, whatever you want, but i refuse to label myself as a cd
    Mizsuzy Mizsuzy
    46-50, T
    Nov 24, 2011

    I Don't Either

    Like a lot of us I started trying on women's clothes when I was young to see how what it would be like if I was a girl and I enjoyed it the shoes make up hair dresses well anyhow now that I'm older and done with the why's what if's and maybe's . Now this is why I don't think I'm...
    notech64 notech64
    41-45, M
    Mar 19, 2011
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