I Don't Want to Feel

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    I Cant Take Anymore

    I'm sitting here and it feels like my heart is going to quite literally explode in my chest. it just hurts too much to feel. i dont want to feel happiness either coz that just makes the hurt that follows so much harder to bear
    annathom annathom
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Apr 20, 2008

    Becoming a Machine Again!

    I allowed myself to feel again at the age of 25......... now about to turn 29.......... Almost 4 years of "feeling" have brought me some joy but mostly pain...........overall, more pain than happiness, so as from today, I have made the decision to become the cold...
    andersfrench andersfrench
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Sep 27, 2009

    How do I not feel anymore?

    I just want all of these hurtful feelings to go away so that I can stop crying. I don't want my kids to see me cry anymore. I don't want Michael to know that he can hurt me. I can't be hurt by him anymore. I don't understand why god won't just take me from this world so I don...
    Ionceknewlove Ionceknewlove
    31-35, F
    Apr 17, 2014


    A numbness would be quite nice. A steady thrum of indifference, close my eyes away from all the pain, hurt, poverty, anger. I would quite like to be able the quit my mind of all fear and anxiety. Extinguish all those naggings at the back of my head. -Because sometimes, it...
    JulySunSoul JulySunSoul
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jun 8, 2009


    If anyone has read my stories then you pretty much know that i have been cheated on. Big deal some might say,been there done that move on.The problem being is that it has happened beforeand looking back it doesnt seem like a big deal but she truly was a ****. This time i have a...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Jan 28, 2011


    Feeling? never. Not for me.
    lnfk lnfk
    18-21, F
    Nov 14, 2009


    tired of black and suffocating moments of emptiness pain, anger, loneliness betrayal, lies, pretense I don't want or need any of it life is bad enough at its best I don't need these moments of hell
    aktor1970 aktor1970
    46-50, M
    1 Response Oct 3, 2011

    Tired Of It All.

    I just don't want to feel the pain or anxiousness anymore. I don't think I am ever really happy, at all. There is always this worry inside of me and I just want it to stop. It would be wonderful to just feel nothing at all for once.This has been going on for many years now, it...
    Twon Twon
    Aug 28, 2011

    I Don't Want To Feel This

    I don't want to feel; Alone Hurt Remorseful Apathetic Stuck in self pity. I don't want to feel period. I want to listen to only sad songs now. I want to cut, but I refuse the urge. One thing I don't want is to hit that pipe ever again. That horrible self demoralization will no...
    Kidd12 Kidd12
    18-21, F
    Nov 14, 2012

    I Would Regret Music too much

    I've been waiting and searching for the good, hoping and believing it would come for me too, one day, that all the bad and the evil that I've lived and witnessed, all the pain, the sorrow, the losses, were to lead to something better in the end. I don't mind fighting, I accept...
    deleted deleted
    Oct 21, 2008

    Any More

    I don't want to feel... not hurt or happiness not love or hate not peace or war not ups or downs I just want to be numb, no feelings means nothing bad can happen right? If you don't feel you don't care and no matter what you face you do it with out worry, of failing, being...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Oct 14, 2007
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