I Don't Want to Go to Work Tomorrow

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    Owed $288 Googol And Counting.

    I really hate my less than minimum wage paying job.  I have to take out trash all the time. And I have done so much for the world but everyone has always taken advantage of me and stole all the money and I never got any.  My Wife and Daughter suffer too.  Besides...
    smokestk smokestk
    36-40, M
    4 Responses Oct 25, 2009

    With This You Can Make Everyday A Weekend. :))))

    So I know what you're thinking, and I would've probably been skeptical, too but after coming across scam after scam I've finally found a legit site that promises you quick, easy money. Not only that, you don't have to pay a single dime to sign up, receive training, strategies, or...
    kayforpayday kayforpayday
    26-30, F
    Aug 24, 2013

    By the Pricking of My Thumbs...

    Something wicked this way comes. Today was a day of mixed blessing. One of my best friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  However, due to her unexpected early leave, my 6 person unit is down a person.  My team is now down to me and another girl.  This...
    CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

    I Hate It

    I work in a kids prison (11-17) and i hate it. Every day i have to deal with a constant barrage of abuse, both physical and verbal. I am often sick before I have to go in mostly when i am on a late shift. Its taking over my life. Every aspect is suffering. I used to be outgoing...
    Fruity13 Fruity13
    Apr 12, 2012


    I say 3 or 4 day weekends...what's so wrong with that?!
    CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 6, 2008


    I don't have to because I am off, Thursday and Friday :D
    deleted deleted
    Nov 10, 2010

    No Frigin Way...

    So its been 4 days since ive had my wisome teeth out, had to work today for a very short 4 hours..but i am not going in tomorow and i WILL NOT FEEL ONE OUNCE OF GUILT FOR IT! im on tylenol 3, advil liquid gels and antibiotics..and SOMETHING is making me severly sick, like...
    pinknailpolish89 pinknailpolish89
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 1, 2009

    Getting To Work...being At Work....

    I am a mechanic.  I enjoy my job but am dealing with some difficult people at the moment. I have no choice in the matter, as we are in the same department. I do my best to ignore the people by drowning myself in work.  If it wasn't for the work....I'd be long gone from this...
    basscatcher21 basscatcher21
    Mar 14, 2011

    Been off for 4 days and going back to work in

    the morning is going to be the pits!
    James202015 James202015
    22-25, M
    1 Response Jan 4, 2015

    At Work Now

    I'm at work just now, obviusly not fdoing what i'm paid to. Just hate being in here, everyday is the same but at least it pays the bills. In today's climate I'm actually gratful i have a permanent job so best get back to work
    Frankie200 Frankie200
    26-30, F
    Dec 7, 2009

    Anyone Wanna Go For Me??

    I hate my job. It doesn't pay very well. I have been searching for another one but the job market is very dry here. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Anyone wanna go for me??
    FolsomOrchid FolsomOrchid
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 8, 2011

    Love My Job, But Hate Going In To Work...

    I am a teacher, and I love my job very much. The thing is, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder years ago, and for some reason, during that little window of time in the morning before work, I get the overwhelming urge to stay home. When I get to work (which is most of the time...
    violetmoon violetmoon
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Nov 10, 2010


    Sometimes i just don't feel liek going to work. Sometimes i just wana sleep in and stay on the computer all day. Just sometimes...
    IntoxicatedDesire IntoxicatedDesire
    18-21, F
    12 Responses Jul 7, 2008
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