I Doodle When I Am On Ep

Great fun! =D 19 People


      the pic is a bit blurred soz. i thought i would try something different what do you think?
    LunaWolff LunaWolff
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Aug 2, 2009


     i think it is great fun =). if no one is talking just get a sheet of paper and doodle a way! it is a good way to keep you occupied if you are bored. then if you want post them on EP so we can all enjoy you mad designs or have a laugh at some cool scribbles. here are some i...
    LunaWolff LunaWolff
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 24, 2009

    I've Started Ep Doodling Too =)

    I was inspired by the lack of good light in here! lol. Meaning, I was trying to do some work in pastels but it's impossible to see the colours properly in this dim incandescent light.. so I took my easel back out and am not going to do that in here any more. Instead I started...
    TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
    31-35, M
    29 Responses Nov 16, 2009


     ok this is a horse i started in graphite pencil =)  whilst on EP.
    LunaWolff LunaWolff
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Nov 14, 2009


     This is one i did Yesterday on 25/7/09. i have to admit i was happy with how it turned out considering i just had the pad balanced on my knee while on the computer.
    LunaWolff LunaWolff
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 26, 2009
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