I Dream of My Ex-boyfriend

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    Dreaming About Ex's

    I don't dream of him every night. It has been a long time til lastnight. And it was a very weird dream to begin with. It was like, he was with someoneelse, but yet was trying to get back with me. I was at his place when him and his woman came home, but yet he wasn't mad at me. It...
    scorpiodiva40 scorpiodiva40
    Apr 7, 2012

    Not In Awhile .

    Although since i wrote a  story yesterday about my unrequited love , I cant get him out of my mind . He s been on my mind the past 24 hours ... there's just so much there . Maybe no closure .. but geez its been almost eleven yrs . Its been five yrs since ive seen him . he...
    starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 11, 2008

    I've been dreaming about my ex boyfriend

    so often now. Some I don't remember vividly but I'm always aware that it's him. Weird is when I do not think about him, that's when he appear in my dreams. Also, I dream with colors. It's almost 4am, and his is bugging me a lot.
    Trishhh Trishhh
    26-30, F
    Mar 11, 2015

    Ex Boyfriend Dream

    I remember my dream being about my ex boyfriend even if I wasn't even thinking of him ; he came into my mind. My dream went like this I was hiding behind a bush and I caught a glimpse of both best friend from high school( Stacie; whose gay) and my ex boyfriend/ ex friend...
    Syaox Syaox
    22-25, F
    Sep 19, 2013

    I really miss him and i've been having weird

    dreams since then. In my dreams there's always a different guy all the time trying to woo me and i'll always be like I still love my ex-boyfriend so I can't be with you i'm sorry. It's really strange cause people say when you dream of someone it means that they're missing you...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 9, 2016

    Last night I had a dream about my ex boyfriend.

    ...We only dated for 3 months but it felt like longer and I was really into him. After two weeks of dating him, he told me he loved me, which I found suspicious. He ended up breaking up with me, claiming he was moving, but really he found another girl. He ended up breaking up...
    pomoc pomoc
    26-30, F
    Apr 23, 2014

    Why Am I Being Punished Like This

    I posted a story about a dream i had about him in the I have a broken heart group yesterday and thought I got it out my system. But dammit!!!! I had another dream. It started at my mother's house again. But this one was even more perfect than the last one and just as realistic...
    annathom annathom
    26-30, F
    1 Response Feb 5, 2008

    My Lost Love 1996-2012

    As I was in a job trainning school I see a new comer sitting across the lush green lawn. Tall, dark and handsome, what a looker I thought! We connected and fell in love, I was a single parent and he also connected with him. A year into this relationship I hung out with a guy...
    leslielelaind leslielelaind
    36-40, F
    1 Response Nov 14, 2012

    He Has Been In My Dreams For the Past 10 Days

    One day I saw my ex boyfriend at the pool. We still seem to have that connection, but I try not to think of him much. Ever since that day at the pool he has been in my dreams for the past 10 days. For the first 9 dreams we would just see eachother randomly and just look at...
    OliviaCeleste OliviaCeleste
    1 Response Jun 23, 2009

    ......is it ok to dream about him

    once in a while? Hm...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 31, 2015

    My Ex comes in the story.

    ✋😒 he can show a young lady how much he really cares about her, he's just so mean tho. He knows how to call everyday, text her during the day to see hows she's doing, fix her when she's wrong, and pick her up when she's down (sometimes). I kno I was wrong for what I did...
    YehshenJ YehshenJ
    18-21, F
    Apr 24, 2014

    I'm really over my ex

    and we haven't texted/talked to each other for a while now. After the break up, I would text him once a month to catch up with him since he said we could remain friends. But friendship didn't workout for us, so I decided to cut him off 2 months ago. So I had a dream that he...
    deleted deleted
    Feb 25, 2015
    deleted deleted
    Apr 18, 2015

    I Dream About My Ex Boyfriend. Why?

    I am a happily married women and have a 1 year old son. I feel bad that I dream about my ex in a really weird way. Its like something happened between me and my husband and i'm dating my ex again and I still have my son. Now, last night was really weird. I was going to see his...
    naughtygirl09 naughtygirl09
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Sep 10, 2009

    I Want It Back.

    I dated the same boy for a year and six months..and I know we had a special connection nobody had. Everybody saw it. Well we broke up 5 weeks ago..and I still dream about him...that were together then I wake up to reality and he's gone...my dreams are the only way we are together...
    BROKEN1997 BROKEN1997
    13-15, F
    1 Response Mar 7, 2012
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