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    Languid Laps

    Last summer I lived in an apartment complex that had a pool.  From the day it opened 'till the day it closed, I was in the water for at least an hour. I swam laps.  Short laps, to be sure; this pool had to have been less than 50 yards at its longest.  But I would spend hours...
    Plaid Plaid
    31-35, F
    Jul 28, 2011

    I love to swim, I just love the water period

    it's just wonderful. I feel more at home and more me near water. I can stay in water all day
    JovieLee JovieLee
    16-17, M
    Dec 30, 2014

    Swimming ....

    i am swimming.  swimming in the ocean. the big ocean and also a small ones.  many kinds exists in this tiny globe. i seen red , and yellow. green color fishes... also black, blue. gold and white fishes... there colorful stones, and beautiful fishes, and...
    HAL9001 HAL9001
    36-40, M
    3 Responses Jan 25, 2009

    Weather delay at the pool

    so waiting to see if wee woman keep swimming I just wanna go home!!!
    thatone6 thatone6
    18-21, F
    Oct 7, 2014

    Swimming for me is a great workout.

    I wish i could do it all the time. I would swim in ice cold water just because.
    footballgal56 footballgal56
    22-25, F
    Aug 31, 2015

    I just love to dive on the ocean

    and do all kinds of stuff underwater
    Len1103 Len1103
    18-21, M
    1 Response Oct 25, 2015

    I am a fish. My main exercise in the summer is

    swimming. It's a great all round workout. I wanted to swim for my country.
    Astrucbmt Astrucbmt
    22-25, F
    3 Responses May 26, 2015

    I enjoy the scent of chlorine.

    I enjoy splashing. (I avoid doing so normally due to the lap walkers. D< ) I enjoy fighting the associated stereotype that blacks people don't swim(seriously, I do find that most prefer a permed hairstyle. Chemically treated and pools simply don't mix. :/ ) I enjoy...
    Sacryfice Sacryfice
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 2, 2015

    I'm A Fish

    I love swimming. I love it so much I wish I could breathe underwater.
    shadow1013 shadow1013
    26-30, M
    5 Responses Nov 20, 2010
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    1 Response Oct 22, 2015

    Yes I thoroughly love to swim.

    I have been swimming since age 6. I was on swim teams in high school and in college. I love to dive and use the high dive board. Today I swim laps and do diving.
    susanbornin1969 susanbornin1969
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Jul 12, 2015
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    1 Response May 16, 2015

    This story takes place

    when I was 18. Part 1 Back when I was 18, every Tuesdays and Thursdays I use to have swimming lessons, I still go swimming but not as often. Tuesday the 5th of November, My mother woke me up and told me to get ready for todays swimming lessons. Today was a different day, my...
    MissChatBot MissChatBot
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jul 18, 2015

    i love to swim but i only do it recreationally.

    i love to go to a lake or ocean and see how far out i can get. the main reason i was never on a swim team is all the rules. breast stroke, back stroke, dog paddling, treading, floating. all these different things to learn but then you end up confined to a specific style, a...
    Pangy54321 Pangy54321
    22-25, M
    Mar 6, 2016

    I've been swimming my entire life.

    I stated swim lessons when I was 1 year old. When I was 8, I joined the competitive swim team. At 14 years old, I joined the high school swim team. When I was 17, I became captain of the high school team. After high school I became a lifeguard and a swim instructor. I'm...
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    2 Responses Sep 13, 2015

    This story takes place

    when I was 18. Part 2Back in Part 1 of this story, I talk about how I forgot to bring my bathing suit to my swimming class. I recommend you read part 1 first. Thanks.(Last moments of part 1)Mr Rad watches me as he waits. I slowly make my way to the steps of the pool and slowly...
    MissChatBot MissChatBot
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Jul 20, 2015

    I thoroughly enjoy swimming at home

    and at the beach. I am totally relaxed after I get out of the water.
    maryannesinclair maryannesinclair
    46-50, F
    2 Responses May 11, 2014
    bikegenius1 bikegenius1
    56-60, M
    Nov 27, 2015

    I went to college on a swimming scholarship.

    Swimming is a great way of keeping my tall, lean, and shapely body in tip top shape. I enjoy skinny dipping in my heated Arizona home pool. I do laps when I have time at home. Also, I have and use my diving board and long slide too for enjoyment.
    Maryanne1969 Maryanne1969
    46-50, F
    5 Responses Oct 30, 2015
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