I Failed My First Test

failing tests sucks!!! 4 People

    I Feel Horrible

    I failed an english test over the hobbit by JRR tolkien. I got my grade today and my mood instantly dropped. I don't know what happened. I read the book and did all my responses over it. Did I just get confused? I feel like crying right now. I've never failed a test before...
    peacesign peacesign
    18-21, F
    Sep 2, 2009

    Failed First Exam

    I'm a junior in college and I received 57% on the fist exam in my Business Law class. Overall, I'm a hardworking student with about a 3.2 GPA. I need to keep a 3.0 to maintain my scholarship and to be able to study abroad this coming spring. The exam was 25% of my grade, and the...
    werewolf034 werewolf034
    Sep 26, 2010
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