I Fantasize Regularly

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    Monster Fight - This is about this one

    fantasy I had in which I was at a haunted house watching a monster showdown between Gary Oldman as Dracula, Robert DeNiro as Frankenstein's Monster, Imhotep from the Mummy, Jack Nicholson as a werewolf (Wolf) and Christopher Walken as the Hessian Horseman. I recall it was...
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    Apr 7, 2014

    My Fantasy

    I fantasize about running into my ex while I am looking fab. When he sses me, he will be looking aweful and hesees me and his mouth drops. I know, it is a long shot that this will ever come true, but I hope that one day it does happen. I would love to say,"you wish your wife...
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    I have strong fantasies about a man I have met

    on this site. I post this here because I want you to know how serious I am about what I told you. About my desire to be obedient to you and submit myself to you in the ways you need. In the ways I need to learn. Please teach me. Discipline me. Correct me. Punish me when...
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    I've been throught awhole lot in my life.

    20 years of experiences that not all the time have ended in smiles and hugs but those 8 out of 10 times have ended in tears and melt downs. I've been told that I feel to much, I care too deeply, that I give to often and too freely. I've been told that when I fall inlove I give...
    myfreedomfight myfreedomfight
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    Jan 2, 2014
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