I Feal Like Nobody Listens

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    Nobody's listening, I thought I could go on

    this site to meet people, to have people I can confide in but instead there's just a whole lot of seedy people. I'm not here to talk about sex, to have dirty conversations, I'm here to find someone like me . I'm starting to think that there's no one like me though. I'm always...
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    6 Responses Jan 7, 2014

    Sitting Here Screaming..

    I am sitting here, almost screaming, and its like no one is listening to me, and it sucks more than anything. I wish just one person would care, and listen. I wish they would see that this is NOT normal!
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    4 Responses Aug 10, 2009


    Why don't people care how bad I am hurting Why don't people know how much I am hurting? Do I have to scream it for people to understand Do I have to hurt myself, for someone to understand I don't understand why people feel the need to hurt me so bad. I don't...
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    2 Responses Nov 23, 2009

    I've Given Up Trying

    A few years ago, I learned no matter how much I screamed and yelled, nobody would listen to me. It ironic that the person who made me think this now does everything they can to make me think that they care. But I've just realized it's not even worth it. My mother used to ask me...
    flyingwithwings flyingwithwings
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    4 Responses Nov 22, 2009


    ...I believe i am different (as in bad) and thats why no one listens...everybody takes one look at me and find me to be confused...i never have a say in anything and when i do, i am always ignored... ...Ive tried to show that i have emotions by screaming, crying, and cutting...
    ConLocura ConLocura
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    2 Responses Aug 10, 2009

    Not Sure Anyone Hears Me

    i feel, no matter where i am in my life, 10 yrs ago, 20, now, that no one really listens i am reminded of sylvia plath's description of depression, in The Bell Jar, as lead character Esther, '"""being trapped under a bell jar struggling for breath"""...
    rubyinthedust rubyinthedust
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    8 Responses Nov 23, 2009

    No One Listens :(

    I always feel like nobody listens to me, they either dnt talk to me when i am speaking and dont answer me or talk about me when im right infront of them. Its horrible, sometimes it feels like im not even there :(
    jpridmore jpridmore
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    2 Responses Aug 9, 2009

    I Talk But No One Hears

    When I am talking people just interrupt me or say were you saying something.I am sick of it so I just don't talk anymore except for on EP where everyone listens.*smiles* but I have done good with the no talking thing.When they interrupt me they start a confersation with the other...
    LuckyCLuckyS LuckyCLuckyS
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    Aug 21, 2009

    I grow increasingly frustrated with people's

    disregard for me. I haven't got the quietest voice, I can speak up, I stand up for myself. I use few words where some might use many. I am to the point and blunt. However it seems nobody listens. Or maybe they don't pay attention to what I say. Often people will talk over me...
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    1 Response Jun 20, 2015

    My boyfriend doesn't listen to anything I say!

    We live together and have been dating for almost 5 years. I feel like I'm talking to a wall.
    sheepthatsleeps sheepthatsleeps
    22-25, F
    Jun 5, 2015

    If Only They Would Listen To Me...Just Once...And Attend To What I Say...

    Why won't they listen to me? Why can't they see they are just harming themselves? Why can't they see I'm just trying to help them?! To prevent them from hiting hard against a wall! But there they go!... Blinded!... Deaf!... And they just end up harming themselves even more...
    HadaraNight HadaraNight
    26-30, F
    Jun 21, 2013

    NO One Listens to Me Anymore

    I Feel that nobody listens to anymore from my family to my work . when i try to make a point across to someone they just won't listen   i need someone to talk to and help me
    wwechick2009 wwechick2009
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    2 Responses Aug 2, 2009

    Just Shut Up

    All I ever hear..is "shut up" and "be quiet".. No one wants to listen. No one cares. It's so damn annoying when you try to speak up and someone ignores you.. It's like I don't matter to them at all. I fell so damn bad because of it. Why won't they think about my feelings for once...
    lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
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    1 Response Apr 13, 2011
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