I Feel Like a Teenager In An Adult's Body

I think my emotional development has been all over the charts, back and forth. 25 People

    This Is Hard For Me to Explain, But I'll Try...

    As a kid, I acted like, and got along better with, adults moreso than other kids.  As a teenager, I jumped back and forth between acting like a kid when I got the chance and acting like an adult. As a younger adult, I went through a period of time where I pretty much gave...
    feralkitten feralkitten
    26-30, F
    Sep 14, 2007

    I Think I'm Regressing

    I'm coming upon my 24th birthday, I'm celebrating my 3rd wedding anniversary next week, I'm a homeowner, and I'm graduating from college in May. I feel perpetually 14 years old inside. I used to feel like an adult at times. I felt like an adult after my freshman year of college...
    wafflevision wafflevision
    4 Responses Jan 8, 2011
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