I Feel Like Harriet the Spy

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    Christmas in Athens

      Posted by tasmin on Dec 18th, 2009 at 10:27AM     Miss Marple replaced the receiver and sighed ...   It had been a hectic year. There had been the disturbing disappearance of Lady Hector and then the odd case of Mrs Hudson's peculiar Pekingese.  ...
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    When my daughter was young she became enthralled with Harriet the Spy. She would lurk around with her notebook listening to conversations, detailing them and the activities occurring in the neighborhood, even down to what the cats were doing. Sometimes I feel like Harriet the...
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    I am 46 years old, and to this day, this IS my favorite book. I love the character. I love everything about that book and I am so sorry that Louise Fitzhugh died at such a young age. Wonderful memories being 11 and reading this book. One of the greats.
    emilystrange66 emilystrange66
    Nov 24, 2012

    1980 Harriet The Spy

    i feel like harient the spy i felt like  harriet the spy for  30 years now, 1974 , was when the book came out . i like how the book  cover is on this site.. when my teacher read  it to me..  in 1980, and, it really influenced my life. -----  the...
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    I Love Harriet Too.

    When I was Harriet's age I was DETERMINED to be a classical stage actor. I always wanted to be around adult artists, and I was obsessed with how they lived and what they did. I was considered a freak at school because I had zero interest in the culture of kids my age. I had to...
    freya221 freya221
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